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User Info: OlorinTheOtaku

1 month ago#11
If I ever do stop, it'll simply be because of getting more involved into other hobbies. Age is completely irrelevant.

As it is, I'm currently playing far less video games then I used to, but that's only because of getting into other hobbies and interests, like Tabletop RPG's and reading. That doesn't mean I don't like video games anymore, it's simply just a side effect of me not having an infinite amount of free time.

I highly doubt I'll ever grow bored of gaming. I've always liked pretty much every genre of video game, and as awesome as D&D and reading is, those activities simply don't cater to the exact same things and experiences that video games do.
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User Info: Mozzezz

1 month ago#12
Probably not, but the kind of games I play probably will change over time.

I'm kind of living this category already.

I think to an extent it has to do with the fact that I'm 35, so I'm on the verge of aging out of the 18-35 group.

I definitely value multiplayer games much more then I did when I was younger, but part of that has to do with the expansion of the Internet and not simply age, but some of it has to do with age as well.

I've also to a degree changed the kind of single player games I play. Like for example I much rather play a game like Crisis Core then FFVII, or Hyrule Warriors then a mainline Zelda. You may have to look at the details to see the difference, but this does represent somewhat of a big shift for me.

I don't think I'll ever completely grow out of games though.

edit: Or well 18-34 I've already aged out of.
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User Info: cougre

1 month ago#13
My gaming likes and dislikes have shifted over the years but they'll be burying me with my DS controller.
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User Info: coreekymon

1 month ago#14
Never and I've been playing the same franchises for 20 years so probably not going to be playing much different games either aside from changes in the technology.
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User Info: HMandACFan

1 month ago#15
KJ StErOiDs posted...
I voted "Maybe, but not anytime soon, it's a long ways away for me".

Same. I'm 30, which some people might call "too old", but I'm living my life and enjoying it, so mind your own business. I'm probably happier than you, so who's laughing now?

I can't imagine I'll play video games when I'm 80, but who knows? People that age now didn't grow up with video games. Maybe it'll be more normal in 50 years.
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User Info: BDE1982

1 month ago#16
I'll be playing video games until I die.

User Info: Miasma

1 month ago#17
Mentally - no
Physically - maybe

User Info: mooreandrew58

1 month ago#18
Maybe might get to a age where my eyesight is too bad or my hands bother me too much to play any decent length of time.
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User Info: Forest_Temple

1 month ago#19
Im already too old. I quit last week.

User Info: nuggetg

1 month ago#20
My mom is 78 she plays her Xbox one every day.
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