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The MAIN THING I miss, which wasnt part of Poll.

Unlocks and Cheat Codes. Good use of Konami code other then taking a dectives pants off in SH3. WTF.
I miss extra lives, level skips, infinte health for days you wanna mess around, outfit unlocks and color swaps, character changes...
I miss that.
I miss game genie on nes, and FFT cheat codes that made game harder.

This is a good one. Flipping to the back of gaming magazines or hoping you rented the copy with the notes filled out, fun times.

Yeah I think the most modern game ive personally played that had cheat codes was scott pilgrim vs the world but outside the graphic novel tie in it was a ode to old school beat em ups. Had the konami code sorta had sagas abacab sorta had sonic 2s level select code and a couple others iirc.
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