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User Info: KJ StErOiDs

4 weeks ago#11
Nope; I've never owned a Genesis - I went the Nintendo route. I've played the Genesis (no add-ons) at a friend's house, though.
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User Info: Blaqthourne

4 weeks ago#12
Yes, Model 1 & 2 SCD, a 32X, and a PBC, plus a CDX and JVC X'Eye. The first Genesis I bought was the X'Eye, so I didn't need to buy the CD add-on at the time.

DDCecil posted...
Yes, a refurbished Model 2 Sega CD and a 32x (but I'm missing a cord or two for that).

A long time ago, I almost completed the U.S. SCD library (since the games were all fairly cheap back then), but due to issues in life, I had to sell most of them off (I even had a sealed Radical Rex, which I'm too scared to look up the value of it now).


I've been casually going for the US library for about a decade now, only buying what I find in b&m stores. I'm right around 100 titles. That's pretty much come to a standstill with the recent spike in prices -- I used to say having Android Assault, even if you didn't own a Sega CD, was worth the price just for the soundtrack, which is playable in a standard CD player.

I find it much more impressive to have the games like this:
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User Info: LusterSoldier

4 weeks ago#13
Voted for "No, I've never owned a Genesis".
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User Info: Sera67

4 weeks ago#14
32x may still work, I got Sega CD and both Lunars and Cadilac and Dinosaurs. Few other not as note worthy.
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User Info: Newave

4 weeks ago#15
I was never presented with this poll on the day it supposedly was PotD, screwed over on voting on a poll I would've liked to vote on yet again, not the first time this has happened and I doubt it'll be the last.

Regardless, I still got my Mega Drive, Mega CD and 32X ready to go!
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  3. #7689 - Have you ever owned either of the two Genesis / Mega Drive add-ons?
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