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User Info: GenericGuy

1 week ago#1

"No, I never owned one, but I've owned other Nintendo systems". I have Switch, Wii U, GameCube and 3DS.
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User Info: xF0x

1 week ago#2
Never owned one but owned other Nintendo systems. I had a relative lend me their SNES for a while back in the day, it was neat but I still vastly preferred my Genesis. Even though NES was my first gaming system I wasn't really into Nintendo when Sega was still making their consoles, it was the GameCube that really sold me on the company.
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User Info: coreekymon

1 week ago#3
Yeah I have one, not really in storage I could have it ready to play in like 5 minutes, but I very rarely do so.
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User Info: dragwarrfan

1 week ago#4
I have one and it's hooked up to my TV, but I very rarely play it. I also have a NES, Genesis, Nintendo 64, Wii, & PS 4 hooked up to the TV. I selected the top option even though it isn't completely accurate, as I almost never play it.
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User Info: Xeowulf

1 week ago#5
Another poll with crappy options. I'm in the middle of the top 2. It's hooked up, but I rarely play it.
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User Info: Wade_Parzival

1 week ago#6
I've never owned any Nintendo systems. Was a Sega kid in the 80's and early 90's then went with Sony.
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User Info: dancer62

1 week ago#7
I have a couple of them packed away. My N64 is hooked up.

What I find particularly interesting about the SNES is the FX-chip games.

I do have a Nomad plugged in for Genesis games, and a Model 1 Genesis with 32X and SegaCD boxed but ready to hook up with all cables.
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User Info: TI_Four

1 week ago#8
Of course I had one, when I was a kid. It really was not mine as much as the family's. Maybe it is still floating around my parent's house somewhere, but I will never know for sure because I do not talk to them anymore.
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User Info: cougre

1 week ago#9
I've got one hooked up to the old TV in the guest room. And I've got Mario Kart in the slot ready to play. Every now and then I'll go in there and try to beat my Time Trial ghost.

Frankly I'm amazed that the built-in battery holding my scores is still working!
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I have it in storage but haven't played it in years.

If you're debating between the first two, go with the second imo
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  3. #7688 - After 28 years: Got Super Nintendo?