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  3. #7668 - How often do you get food from a drive-thru restaurant?

User Info: ironyisntdead

2 months ago#1

Rarely, if ever, there are some nearby but I hardly ever use them.
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User Info: xF0x

2 months ago#2
Never, I neither drive nor do I know of any drive-thrus around here.
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User Info: Miasma

2 months ago#3
Haven’t in a long time.

User Info: dancer62

2 months ago#4
I hardy ever use the drive-through. I prefer to park and go inside. It gives more time to decide on food, lets me pick up condiments, and I don't have to cope with the unintelligible squawk box. A lot less hassle to go inside. I get takeout probably once a week, Arby's, Chinese, Captain D's, the only place I order from outside is Sonic.
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User Info: KJ StErOiDs

2 months ago#5
I voted "A few times a month, it's rare but I'll grab some drive-thru food occasionally". Of the times I do it's usually for lunch.
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User Info: CaptainStrong

2 months ago#6
Never, either I don't drive, or there are no drive-thrus near me

What about people who do drive and go to restaurants with drive-thrus, but they only go inside and order food to go?

User Info: coreekymon

2 months ago#7
A few times a month, pretty much just when my brother talks me into it.
Although I eat a lot of frozen food so not much better.
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User Info: benbeverfaqs

2 months ago#8
Never. The time saving would be nice, but the idea of being handed a pack of food in your car is not for me. And more importantly, the type of food commonly sold at such venues is not to my taste.

User Info: Warri0r_Drag0n

2 months ago#9
Where is the "Never because I just don't" option?
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User Info: Revelation34

2 months ago#10
Rarely only because I can't afford it. I would go far more often if I could.
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  3. #7668 - How often do you get food from a drive-thru restaurant?
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