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User Info: CZ_Zidane

3 months ago#1

Not really, they've really never shown much interest

They knew that I play and at "old times" when I was playing on family TV they knew only that I was playing soccer or something like that... never shown much interest and I am nearly sure that they could not tell the difference between Final Fantasy VII and VIII :-)
And when I bought my own TV, my parents lost track about my playing totally - and it did not bother them much. I was in my twenties already so "too old" to be watched what I play and if it is appropriate for me :-) They were glad that I have my own TV and do not sit in front of the family one when they want to watch something :-)
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User Info: coreekymon

3 months ago#2
Not really, they never showed much interest.
My parents for the most part really didn't care, they weren't particularly oppressive but I'd say their opinion of video games was generally more negative, so they never had interest in the contents of the games. Also I had a tiny little TV in my room so I always played my games tucked away in there.
That being said, as a child there was pretty much no other choice but to have them buy me my games for birthdays/christmas so in theory they knew every game I played, but I doubt they ever investigated what the games were about or if they were appropriate.
It's all moot anyway because as a kid I never had interest in playing anything particularly offensive, even now I don't, with the exception of a couple fan service heavy games.

That all applies to my Dad and step mom who I mostly lived with growing up, my Mom and unofficial step dad were more supportive of my gaming habits. My step dad actually used to play games with us kids so he is the only one who probably had a pretty good idea of what I played.
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User Info: DJStrong

3 months ago#3
The whole family used to play rockband a lot. Beyond that if you quizzed my folks about my gaming habits today they could at least tell you that the games are online and with friends.
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User Info: hergman

3 months ago#4
the extent of my parents knowledge of videogame is basically "its a thing that exist".
they barely even know it exist.

nowaday anyway.
because this little exercise reminded me that my father used to play tetris on my grey gameboy tough im certain he forgot about it.
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User Info: KarsUltimate

3 months ago#5
Well they know I play Pokemon and Mario games at least, and Sonic. And of course they'll know if they get one for you, Bleach Dark Souls was probably the last I got.

I used to play my dad, but I haven't really since the Genesis days. The last thing I think I remember us all playing was Buzz on PS2, lol.
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User Info: Xeowulf

3 months ago#6
I mean, they knew what I was getting when I lived at home, but I was gone by the N64 years, so it's not like they cared.
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User Info: Time

3 months ago#7
Not really, they've really never shown much interest
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User Info: Lil_Bit83

3 months ago#8
Well considering they bought them, of course. Plus my mom and I used to play together. SMB1 and 3, The 7th Guest, (she is better at brain teasers and music based puzzles then I am) Living Jigsaw, Paper Boy 1 and 2, Tetris, Yoshi, Dr. Mario, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy and Family Feud.

Hell, she played on the computer and the NES on her own. Zelda 1 and 2, StarTropics, Kid Icarus, Tie Fighter, Duck Tales 2, SMB2.

She was never big on the action and beat em up games I liked. Like Mega Man 1 and 4, Battletoads, Double Dragon, Castlevania 1 and 3 and River City Ransom. Don't recall her being into Duck Hunt much either.
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User Info: Pitaya

3 months ago#9
My mom bought a lot of the games I had as a kid, and she'd play some of them with me from time to time. She didn't care what I played so I didn't have to put any of them behind her back.
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User Info: HMandACFan

3 months ago#10
I think at any given time, my parents had a vague idea of what I was playing but not really any specifics. I went with "Somewhat, they've noticed games I've played regularly".

My mom and dad used to be the primary buyers of my games when I was like 10-18 years old, so they'd have a better idea of what the name of the game was, if nothing else. Plus I probably talked about it more. But my dad actually got into Tetris after I started playing it, and continued playing it long after I stopped. He even bought his own Gameboy to play it on so he didn't have to borrow mine all the time.

At one time or another there have been other games I've included my folks in over the years, such as Guitar Hero or Fibbage, but not really a whole lot here.

My mom and step-dad were VERY anti-Pokemon at one point and took away my games and all my cards saying they were satanic and whatnot. So...at that point, yes, my parents very much did know what I played. lol

Nowadays, the two games I probably play most are Hearthstone and League of Legends and I bet neither of my parents could name either one, though maybe they'd surprise me. But I do know one game they for sure could name: Shaiya. This is because it's basically the ONLY game my half-brother has ever played, and he even has started up his own servers that my mom helps promote. And even though we have different dads, my dad knows all about it. I would venture to guess that my dad probably thinks I still play Shaiya if you asked him, but I would think my mom doesn't.

There is ONE other game my brother has been into before.....and that is Pokemon GO. And I can tell you without a doubt that my parents could name this game ("that Pokemon game on their phone" is good enough) because we have been so into that game in the past that we'd go all over the place catching pokemon, even at all hours of the night.
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