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User Info: LusterSoldier

2 months ago#1

This poll is similar to yesterday's poll, but it's now limited to the 3 most popular games from yesterday's poll.

Voted for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate again.
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User Info: Mynash

2 months ago#2
Red Dead Redemption 2

I haven't played it yet, but I've seen how GoW is and it's really not what I would call GoTY. No comment on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate because I haven't touched anything Nintendo in years.
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User Info: coreekymon

2 months ago#3
Still Smash Bros.
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User Info: Sashanan

2 months ago#4
As I didn't vote the last X times on account of having played no 2018 games, a poll distilled out of the previous results will get the same treatment. Abstain, I have not played or even seen played any of these titles.

But for a little history, I did play through God of War and God of War 2 on the PS2 (after which the series moved to systems I don't own), I have not played the original Red Dead Redemption, and I've only experienced SSB on gamer parties, where my lack of experience with the series and the genre in general made sure I sucked and never got beyond the "just mash buttons and maybe something happens" level. Think I've played Brawl and Melee, certainly nothing new, it's been years.
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User Info: xF0x

2 months ago#5
I guess it's Smash for me, even though I don't particularly care about any of the poll's three games Smash is the series I at least used to love.
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User Info: Pitaya

2 months ago#6
Of those, Smash.
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User Info: AltOmega

2 months ago#7
Ultimate does not deserve GotY
I don't care about the other two.
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User Info: Time

2 months ago#8
Voted for God of War
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User Info: DJStrong

2 months ago#9
I voted smash but i only played it once and really did not like the controller. I want to try it again with gamecube controller.
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User Info: LordAndrew

2 months ago#10
I've only played a bit of the first God of War, and never touched a Red Dead game. I've played all the Smash Bros. games except this one. I'd probably enjoy it too. I guess that's my choice.

Of the games I've actually played, Spider-Man would have won by default.
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