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User Info: ironyisntdead

3 months ago#1
... in a Classic/Mini format next?


Nintendo 64.
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User Info: xF0x

3 months ago#2
Saturn all the way, it honestly seems like this console would benefit the most from a mini/classic release. The vast majority of its games have never been re-released in any form and the original discs are fetching a small fortune now on the second hand market. Even worse, Saturn's CD drives are prone to breaking and the system itself is not nearly as durable as something like N64. It has quite a few masterpieces that deserve a much wider exposure than what they received.

I considered Dreamcast for a bit but without online play it would be far from ideal, and most of its major games are already well preserved anyway.
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User Info: Sashanan

3 months ago#3
Indifferent. I'm unlikely to buy hardware right now, and knowing these, they'll be gone from the stores before I can blink.
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User Info: dancer62

3 months ago#4
I have absolutely no use for an overpriced "classic mini". I do have a bunch of cheap Chinese Nintendo-On-A-Chip, Commodore-On-A-Chip, Genesis-On-A-Chip, Atari-On-A-Chip, etc., TV and LCD games.

I'd certainly drop $30 for a Dreamcast-On-A-Chip, but not $100 for a "limited edition" theoretically collectible piece of crap.

I have the original consoles and discs/carts, so I'm not impressed by the crummy selection most of the overhyped "classic" On-A-Chip junkers have.
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User Info: MikeRiley

3 months ago#5
Turbografx 16. It's all a stupid waste of money anyway. 20+ year old games shouldn't cost more than a few bucks, and you shouldn't have to buy a whole new system just to play them at this point.
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User Info: KJ StErOiDs

3 months ago#6
I voted N64 but really I'm indifferent on the matter - I wouldn't be purchasing any of them.
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User Info: Lil_Bit83

3 months ago#7
Game Boy/Color and GBA.
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User Info: BartSmith

3 months ago#8
I would go for Saturn (mostly because the games aren't cheap nowadays & 2D games are better versions than PSX) or Nintendo 64.

User Info: Nadster

3 months ago#9
I chose Saturn.
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User Info: KLOUDrocks

3 months ago#10
I wouldn't purchase any myself, but I voted for the Dreamcast. Even though the N64 has a better library in my opinion, you can get a lot of the games on it pretty easily elsewhere. Plus, my old N64 still works, whereas my Dreamcast fried itself long, long ago.
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  3. #7432 - Which older game system would you most like to see return...
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