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User Info: CZ_Zidane

4 months ago#1
What's the longest you've ever played a single video game without taking even a short (10 minute) break?


Voted 9-12 hours, almost all day long - breaks are needed for WC and so on, but I am able to play even about 16-18 hours I think... haven't tried yet :-)
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User Info: Slayer

4 months ago#2

User Info: Sashanan

4 months ago#3
No break at all? I doubt I come out of that 1-4 hour range. Especially not these days, bathroom breaks are rather more frequent.
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User Info: OlorinTheOtaku

4 months ago#4
I remember when I first got GTA San Andreas, that next Saturday I pretty much did nothing but play it for about 10 hours straight, only stopping for food and bathroom breaks. Mount and Blade Warband, Uncharted Waters New Horizons, and Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead were also games I've definitely played for around 10 hours at a time.

Usually I only play games for about 2 hours at a time, but those games I just mentioned completely blew me away and I was totally hooked.
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User Info: Solarys

4 months ago#5
1 to 4 hours at most. I get too tired without a break.
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User Info: desuno-to

4 months ago#6
People have literally died from this. Usually it's playing for a couple of days, but even in the US people have died from playing less than 24hrs:

Just from last year:
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User Info: DJStrong

4 months ago#7
17 hours, Champions Return to Arms. Though i am not sure if i can recall how long the breaks were, but the longest would have been 20 mins.

If we have to stick to the strict timetable i think we are looking more in the 8 hour range.
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User Info: AltOmega

4 months ago#8
5-8 hours, Red Dead Redemption was probably the first game I did this with but Minecraft, MGS2, Persona 3, and SMT IV all did that to me afterwards.
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User Info: hatemakingnames

4 months ago#9
There are times I've played a lot, but always with breaks. Probably no more than 2-3 without one.
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User Info: dancer62

4 months ago#10
Without a break? An hour or two.

With bathroom breaks, grabbing a drink and a bite to eat, driving to work and continuing to play between phone calls and paperwork, 18-20 hours.
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