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User Info: ironyisntdead

7 months ago#1

Rarely, if ever - It's a computer or nothing for me.
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User Info: Slayer

7 months ago#2
All the time on phone.

User Info: KJ StErOiDs

7 months ago#3
"Now and then - I use a computer more often than not".

The only time I'll view it on a portable device is when I'm away from my desktop, such as at work (where I seldom visit) or on a trip (where I'll visit about as much as I do on my desktop).
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User Info: Sashanan

7 months ago#4
Never. I see no advantage to using the phone for it when I can use the PC. Communicating on forums would be a fuss because my fingers rarely seem to do what I want if there isn't a keyboard under them.
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User Info: TheFalseDeity

7 months ago#5
Very rarely. Only if a computer isnt available really.
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User Info: DJStrong

7 months ago#6
I would say 9 times out of 10 I am on my phone but it has nothing to do with not being home as the poll suggests.
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User Info: hergman

7 months ago#7
don't have a portable device
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User Info: cougre

7 months ago#8
Wow. I'm actually really surprised by these results. In this age of social media and everyone on their mobile phones, I thought it would be exactly opposite. I only pull my laptop out now and then, but I'm constantly using my phone.
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User Info: RyanEsau

7 months ago#9
Use to be "All the time - I only use a tablet or phone to browse GameFAQs" but my phone started randomly rebooting while I was writing forum posts, so I stopped using my phone primarily.

Now -- "Now and then - I use a computer more often than not". Always on Desktop, occasionally I'll check from mobile though and I'll write a post long as it's not too long just incase my phone decides to be a jerk and reboot while I'm writing like it use to.
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User Info: Alexandra_Trent

7 months ago#10
All the time. I'm always on the go; so it's in my phone.
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  3. #7168 - How often do you use GameFAQs on a portable device?
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