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User Info: DJStrong

7 months ago#1
Do you currently own more games digitally or physically?


Digital by a wide margin. I own For Honor and Rockband on disc and that is it.
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User Info: TheFalseDeity

7 months ago#2
For this gen im at 51 physical and 5 digital. Only one digital game prior to this gen with a lot more physical but i cant be bothered to count.

I tend to only buy digital when there is no physical.
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User Info: RyanEsau

7 months ago#3
Accounting PC - Digital easily. Physical isn't even close.

Accounting Console Only - Probably close to 50/50 if accounting games I've snagged for free digitally (PlayStation Plus). Otherwise Physical, I seldom buy digital on console.
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User Info: Solarys

7 months ago#4
About half and half, but digital is starting to take over because most games on Steam aren't available physically.
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User Info: Miasma

7 months ago#5

User Info: KJ StErOiDs

7 months ago#6
Although I don't purchase physical anymore, I was much more of a gamer during the '90s and early '00s than I am now, so I still own more physical.
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User Info: xF0x

7 months ago#7
Didn't vote because the poll assumes that I buy at least some digital games in its most pro-physical answer, but that would be wrong in my case. I don't buy digital, ever. I don't play on PC and I don't consider digital only games for purchase, absolutely all of my games are physical.
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User Info: Sashanan

7 months ago#8
Physical probably wins on account of my old collection, but nowadays I buy more digital than physical.
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User Info: AuraBlaze1

7 months ago#9
Mostly digital since I'm a PC gamer. Physical still makes sense for consoles though.
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User Info: Derald_Snyder

7 months ago#10
About half and half, due to 3DS Virtual Console and Switch eShop.
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