#6897 - How do you feel about playing as a silent protagonist in a game?

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User Info: KJ StErOiDs

5 months ago#1
Full poll title: How do you feel about playing as a silent protagonist (Link, Crono, Gordon Freeman) in a game?

I voted for "I don't care one way or the other, honestly." I'm fine either way so long as they don't talk too much if they do indeed talk.
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User Info: Sashanan

5 months ago#2
Missing the poll option '...' :P
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User Info: Mynash

5 months ago#3

I personally prefer the silent protagonist over the chatty ones. They usually talk too much or have over-the-top reactions and extremely cheesy one-liners. Having a silent protagonist doesn't just allow me to get into the character more, it also skips all these annoying traits I mentioned.

I don't need a character to tell me how I feel during the story. Characters like Zidane and Tidus (FF9 & FFX, respectively) can take a backseat, and you can give me a protagonist like Byuu (Bahamut Lagoon), Serge (Chrono Cross) or Vahn (Legend of Legaia) any day.

The only time Vahn speaks in an audible voice is during battle. Tornado Flame!! He's a man of few words, but damn they ring deep even after all these years.

User Info: LoneCourier2281

5 months ago#4
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User Info: DJStrong

5 months ago#5
I hate to be an "it depends" guy but I am going all in on it just because there are examples I can think of that I really like and do not like. My favorite silent protag was from Chrono Cross, I suspect I would feel OK with most RPGs of that nature being silent. Now I am playing Destiny 2 and they make a vacuous and comedically illiterate floating robot talk for you, it is atrocious and just highlights how sub-par the writing in that game really is . For large story driven, action heavy games, I think it is more satisfying to play the character, someone like Shepherd from Mass Effect (he still gets to be a living part of the story no matter what options you pick instead of just being swept along by events).

While I am rambling, I liked the idea of being a silent observer in the the Ghostbusters videogame, because when you were a kid you wanted to be "a" ghostbuster not one of "the" ghostbusters, so being along for the ride worked there. I think for new IPs and new characters taking the role of an actual person with a history and a future is much more exciting.
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User Info: LoneCourier2281

5 months ago#6
Honestly when it came to like New Vegas, I really wish they had someone voicing those lines the Courier would say.
In memory of the crew of Easy 40. 20th January 2007.

User Info: Time

5 months ago#7
LoneCourier2281 posted...
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User Info: Revegelance

5 months ago#8
I generally prefer my characters to be just that - a character. I don't play games to insert myself into the story, and it's always really awkward to watch other characters interact with the protagonist as though his is talking, but then he isn't.

That said, I still love games like Zelda, and Chrono Trigger, etc. I just think I'd like them more if Link and Crono had an actual personality.
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User Info: Vycoul

5 months ago#9
If the game isn't very story-centric then I don't mind.

And I can see why games that revolve around your responses to other character's dialog have silent protagonists. It would require so much more writing and recording otherwise.
Though, I can think of a few games that would have been better off ditching that whole idea... Looking at you, Xenoblade Chronicles X.

But more often than not, the realization that the protagonist is going to be the silent type causes me to let out a groan.
Especially nowadays when most games have voice acting; it really highlights the awkwardness.

It's not a huge deal to me, but I'd rather have a real character in most cases.
(the Etrian Odyssey series and Link being the main exceptions that I can think of.)
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User Info: Aegis_Runestone

5 months ago#10
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