#6804 - Do you still own a Super Nintendo?

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User Info: ironyisntdead

7 months ago#1

Yes, but it's put away right now.
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7 months ago#2
Yes, I have both the SNS-001 and SNS-101 models.
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User Info: LusterSoldier

7 months ago#3
Yes, I have an SNES, but it's put away right now (not hooked up to a TV).
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User Info: Slayer

7 months ago#4

User Info: Miasma

7 months ago#5
Played on one, never owned.

User Info: MegaButterfree

7 months ago#6
Yep, it's put away at the moment though.

User Info: Sashanan

7 months ago#7
Never did, have played one.
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User Info: Galcian

7 months ago#8
Yes, put away

User Info: Kamil

7 months ago#9
I have one it's underneath my tv on shelf so to speak. Haven't played it in a long time but it is practically still hooked up to at tv. All I need to do is insert the obviously labeled AV cables and plug it in.
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User Info: Guide

7 months ago#10
Yes, but not connected. Got a lot of games to get through on pc, while the last game I got for SNES was Plok. Plok is f***ing hard.
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  3. #6804 - Do you still own a Super Nintendo?

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