#6777: Do you consider yourself lucky?

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User Info: GothamsSavior

7 months ago#1

Outside of gaming, not in the slightest.
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User Info: DJStrong

7 months ago#2
I do, very lucky
"Seek first to understand, then to be understood"

User Info: Sashanan

7 months ago#3
Well, do I, punk?

I don't believe in luck, but I certainly have no cause for complaint.
A gentleman will walk, but never run

User Info: TheFalseDeity

7 months ago#4
Nope. Ive no luck at all.
Currently playing - Zodiac XII

User Info: LusterSoldier

7 months ago#5
I voted for "Sort of, I'm lucky in some things, not so much in others".
Luster Soldier --- ~Shield Bearer~ | ~Data Analyst~
Popular at school, but not as cool as BK_Sheikah00, Guru Champ!

User Info: Miasma

7 months ago#6
Don't believe in luck.

User Info: Slayer

7 months ago#7
Don't believe in luck but if there is then I have bad luck.

User Info: Mynash

7 months ago#8
Well, I'm still alive and reasonably well-off, so I guess I can consider myself 'lucky'. But when it comes to the romance department, yeah, not so much >__>

User Info: MegaButterfree

6 months ago#9
Quite the opposite.
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  3. #6777: Do you consider yourself lucky?

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