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User Info: ThatPikachuMain

5 months ago#1
Guys, I assume that not all of you like Vtubers, but this is really bad
This one vtuber pulled up the statistics of the viewers
And a lot of chinese mainlanders use vpns to like get into the broadcasts
so they set it to taiwan
so she legit just pointed out “hey, 7% are from taiwan, that’s cool!”
and so she got suspended from broadcasting for like 3 weeks because of the fact that some chinese nationalists got salty at the fact that she said “taiwan” instead of china
i’m legit shocked
she streams in english sometimes
this is so f***ed up
>Chinese viewers use vpn to watch hololive
>set it to Taiwan to avoid lag
>Vtuber looks at analytics
>Taiwan exists
>Taiwan is on the list of countries
>Chinese nationalists be mad
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