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User Info: pojr

3 years ago#1
This is a cool idea for a board. :]

When I was younger, I used to be a fan of the Irate Gamer. In 2007, not very many game reviewers had good production quality. It was common to hear people say "um" and "uhh" a lot and very poor recording editing of the games. The Irate Gamer had very high production quality at the time, so he became popular. He could have been a star, but didn't listen to criticism well and didn't produce enough content to stay ahead with other reviewers.
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User Info: FroMan

3 years ago#2
While hardly a star, one of my favorite YouTubers that I never from any more is Roy Kelly. He is a voice actor who did dramatic readings of reedit posts... its kind of hard to sell, but trust me, they are a pleasure to listen to. Anyway, 3 or so years ago he seemed to suddenly drop off the face of the earth. All at once he stopped posting YouTube videos, and went completely silent on all social media.

To be honest, I think he died. I've spent hours scouring google for any trace of him. A good chunk of that time spent going over California obituaries. I really want closure on this. If he just decided to stop doing voice work and focus on raising a family I can accept that, but not knowing what happened to him drives me mad.

Here is his page : https://www.youtube.com/user/erikkfi

Here is one of my favorites:
There's now a board for discussing all things YouTube.


3 years ago#3

User Info: Touya999

3 years ago#4
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