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User Info: angelkay16

1 year ago#301
Dreams are like angels
"Fair girl, why do you send your thoughts to the sky?"
Main fc: 4441-9257-9516 || 2nd fc: 0791-5824-0768

User Info: Hapexamendios

1 year ago#302
In my dreams it's still the same.
Poker Trivia - https://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/2000085-dark-cloud-social/76010866#3

User Info: Slayer

1 year ago#303
I'm a millionaire.

User Info: Emulator

1 year ago#304
Earlier - > 🐴
Later - > 🦄
"It's not death I'm feared of, I'm just feared of doing nothing in life." - Sahil Bawalia
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