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Rock Band DLC for 4-18: Los Lobos and The Proclaimers...Solid Sonic94/18 3:33PM
Rock Band DLC for 4-11...Solid Sonic34/9 3:52PM
What's some DLC that you want?ssj5goku200584/7 8:33AM
Rock Band DLC for 4-4: The Glorious Sons and Rival Sons...Solid Sonic34/2 4:25PM
Rock Band DLC for 3-28: Stuff...Solid Sonic83/27 4:44AM
Rock Band DLC for 3-21: 5FDP and Young the Giant...Solid Sonic23/19 7:30PM
Rock Band DLC for 3-14: Fall Out Boy and Coldplay...Solid Sonic53/13 2:10PM
Rock Band DLC for 3-7: Bring Me the Horizon 01...Solid Sonic83/8 8:15AM
Rock Band DLC for 2-28: Too many artists for the title...Solid Sonic42/26 10:14PM
Rock Band DLC for 2-21: Darius Rucker and Meredith Brooks...Solid Sonic12/19 8:31AM
Rock band DLC for 2-14: Hoobastank and Matchbox Twenty...Solid Sonic62/13 11:02PM
Rock Band DLC for 2-7: The Bouncing Souls, Senses Fail, and another RWBY song...Solid Sonic22/7 8:29PM
Rock Band DLC for 1-31: Elle King and The Struts...Solid Sonic61/30 8:48AM
Whew, this place is a ghost town, but if anyone's looking to join a crew...viewmaster_pi11/22 9:42PM
Rock Band DLC for 1-24: Foo Fighters and NIN (RB1 Rewinds)...Solid Sonic31/22 12:22PM
Rock Band DLC for 1-17: Seether, All That Remains, and Asking Alexandria...Solid Sonic41/22 4:18AM
DLC 1/03: Megadeth and SlayerDeathVelvien61/8 7:08PM
Rock Band DLC for 1-10: Babymetal and Godsmack...Solid Sonic51/8 4:07PM
Rock Band DLC for 12-27: Andrew W.K. and Barns Courtney...Solid Sonic312/29 3:42PM
Rock Band DLC for 12-20: Third Eye Blind...Solid Sonic1012/22 9:34PM
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