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  3. Understanding Element Relations Between Forms, Damage, Guardians and Weapons

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

1 year ago#1
Normally, a Metal character, using a Metal Guardian, using a Metal Weapon would produce the best result. MeiQ is NOT that game. Here, there is a flow about everything in loops and what is bad, good and great. I'll discuss each Form (character) and how to maximize those bonuses since it didn't seem immediately apparent when I started. When I refer to Affinity, I'm referring to best Apostle and Guardian choice synergy. Anyone can use any guardian mind you, but this is about optimizing.

1 - Forms Each girl has a standard form between Central, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter with Estra having eventual access to all five.

Estra - Central (Earth) - Best affinity is Metal, then lowering in order of Earth, Fire, Wood and Water. Bonus to Attack

Maki - Autumn (Metal) - Best affinity is Water, then lowering in order of Metal, Earth, Fire and Wood. Bonus to Defense

Setia - Winter (Water) - Best affinity is Wood, then lowering in order of Water, Metal, Earth and Fire. Bonus to Magic Defense

Connie - Spring (Wood) - Best affinity is Fire, then lowering in order of Wood, Water, Metal and Earth. Bonus to Speed

Flare - Summer (Fire) - Best affinity is Earth, then lowering in order of Fire, Wood, Water and Metal. Bonus to Magic Attack

2 - Damage If you notice the above pattern, a girl is best with a guardian she doesn't start with! Remember this too for supreme damage output, Earth muddies Water, Water puts out Fire, Fire melts Metal, Metal cuts down Wood and Wood uproots the Earth.

In the great damage output, Earth puts out Fire, Fire burns Wood and Wood absorbs Water. However! Water doesn't rust Metal and Metal does not churn up the Earth!

This means Earth AND Metal are excellent for attack and defense. Earth is best offensively and Metal is best defensively in broad terms. All elements are equal to when facing themselves.

3 - Guardians and Weapons While guardians do get a small boost when using the same element arms as themselves, they get a better boost from using their neighboring elements. DON'T use opposing elements as they suffer a penalty! Thus...

Earth gains a boost on Fire and Metal
Metal gains a boost on Earth and Water
Water gains a boost on Metal and Wood
Wood gains a boost on Water and Fire
Fire gains a boost on Wood and Earth

4 - Tying It All Together Provided Estra uses Central Form, the following will be absolutely true.

Estra should use a Metal Guardian with Earth and Water weapons
Maki should use a Water Guardian with Metal and Wood weapons
Setia should use a Wood Guardian with Water and Fire weapons
Connie should use a Fire Guardian with Wood and Earth weapons
Flare should use an Earth Guardian with Fire and Metal weapons

Now, no matter what 3 person party you use, you will have access to all elements and you will be max out your party utility in an overall sense. If you know what element a particular boss you are facing is, by all means, switch Estra's forms or Guardians around for better type advantage for attack and defense. Happy hunting and hope this comes in handy for someone, even if it isn't right away.
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User Info: HolyAjora

1 year ago#2
Nice to know this, and it also makes things more interesting than just "Red on Red" or "Blue on Blue" scenarios. Like with those puzzles you see in some games.
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  3. Understanding Element Relations Between Forms, Damage, Guardians and Weapons
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