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User Info: shadowfirebfg

2 years ago#1
i was looking around and noticed very few mentions of good equipment. I know about the affinity i just want to know what parts people prefer on what guardians

User Info: dancer62

2 years ago#2
I just pick whatever parts are available at that level for good attack and HP, consistent with element. The element bonus from equipping the mage's stones is the biggest multiplier of guardian stats.
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User Info: kaetokiha

2 years ago#3
Gold Vulcan is one of the best if not THE BEST single target damage for any enemy without metal resist. It attacks 20x so it's a lot of damage and later in the game you can have your attack maxed anyway so it how much attack your arm has will be irrelevant. This attack can also combo relatively easy so it's even more damage.

I liked missile launcher for earth, you can use it for almost the entire game if you are not trying to combo you attacks (it can't combo).
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