The Grind [CYOA][NSFW] -Urban Fantasy Part II

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User Info: Fracastador

9 months ago#1
Starting a new topic just in case someone tries to fill my other topic while I'm asleep.
People seem to enjoy filling topics to 500 for some reason.

Responses in either topic are fine.
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User Info: silverwinds

9 months ago#2
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User Info: mercurya2000

9 months ago#3
Fracastador posted...

trolololol that 500 snipe
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User Info: Fracastador

9 months ago#4
Gonna do a post with Skever negotiation, with an emphasis on her child's safety, as that seems to be something most people are on board with.
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User Info: Fracastador

9 months ago#5
You ponder the issue of Day while you steel yourself for the job of negotiating with Skever.

If at all possible, you’d like to keep Day around. Even if he’s overselling his fighting capabilities, you’re going to need all the help you can get. Speaking of which…

You turn yourself around and you glance past Oaker briefly. He has returned to his earlier faux-dosing pose. Something about that annoys you. Everyone’s preparing for a serious crisis, and he’s just sitting there, with his eyes closed, doing nothing at all. If you have any hope of getting him to lend a hand, though, you’d either need to convince his boss, or outbid her. The latter is unthinkable, so you should probably do your best with the former.

You approach the large hooded figure again.

“Mr. Mansour, you’re starting to concern me. Please tell me you aren’t actually still planning on trying to fight those men.”

“I don’t think letting those men get the better of us without a fight is the best option,” you try, keeping the increasing frustration you feel with the gorgon out of your voice. “Bandits aren’t, in my experience, honorable men. I wouldn’t feel safe letting them have their way with us, especially not…” you pause for effect, “with a child in tow.”

“Bandits are interested in money, are they not? All but the most profoundly stupid bandits would know better than to linger so close to Greme’s boundaries, where its army is within fire range. They will come. They will take what they came for, and they will leave. That is, if you don’t antagonize them. I appreciate that your sense of honor forbids you from giving up your hard earned belongings without a fight. Perhaps that honor truly does also extend to the defense of your fellow passengers, though in my experience, such people are rare. I, however, don’t care about your honor, and I feel no obligation to protect your belongings. I care about the safety, and the future, of my child. You do NOT have the means to defend us. I refuse to offer you Oaker’s assistance, because I have every intention of forcing your hand. You WILL surrender, Mr. Mansour, or they will kill you.”

Skever is playing a very dangerous game of chicken with you. She’s withholding aid from you to make it minimally likely that you’ll succeed in combat, in hopes that you’ll give up and go along with her plan. It could be, however, that she will buckle and offer you the help you want from her should the fighting truly start. Do you call her bluff? You ponder the awkward position she is putting you in for a moment…
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User Info: Fracastador

9 months ago#6
You note, however, that she is still only referring to Oaker. She hasn’t so much as even implied herself as a combatant. This confuses you. You watched this woman crush gold with her bare hands earlier, and apparently, she can kill with a glance. Surely, with her help, the fight could be over before it even begins?

“…Wouldn’t it be far safer for your daughter if we were able to win easily, rather than throwing ourselves to the mercy of these men?”

“And how do you propose we do this? I’m all ears.”

You give her what you consider a knowing look.

She stares at you for a few moments. You are becoming increasingly conscious that you are running out of time.

“…You seem to have a strange impression of me. This may come as a shock to you, perhaps you would like to sit down?” Sarcasm drips from her voice. You are obviously annoying her greatly now, but you have more pressing issues at hand. “I am not a soldier. I am not a warrior. I am not even trained in self defense. I am a noble lady. Perhaps that means something different in your home country?! I’ve never so much as thrown a punch in. my. LIFE!” Her calm seems to be slipping.

That’s… bizarre. “I have faith that you are naturally gifted, but even aside from that, you have the power to deal with all of them at once, do you not? Before ‘punching’ becomes necessary at all.”

A head shifts forward out of the hood without warning. You shrink back, and for a moment, you think to yourself: This is it. I’m a dead man. Death does not follow, however. Skever’s eyes are shut.

For the first time, you get a look at the woman who is giving you so much trouble. Her head is massive, almost the size of your torso. Her skin is a discomforting shade of pale green, and her nose is much flatter than a normal human’s. Her mouth is a long, face-splitting slit that extends almost to her ears, with no lips of which to speak. Large, interlocking scales cover her starting from just beyond the edge of her face. Most alarming, however, are the snakes. It is difficult to count them, since they keep moving around, but sprouting from the top and the back of her head are a collection of what appear to be live snakes, nearly as big around as your arm. They writhe in total silence, and they regard you with their unsettling, reptilian eyes. You wonder if she can see through them.

“Why do you think that my daughter and I wear hoods, Mr. Mansour? I assure you, it isn’t for your benefit. I have to walk around with my eyes closed, hooded or no, if I want to avoid turning greme into a statuary, and by extension, sign my own death warrant.” The cause of her speech impediment becomes obvious, as you watch her violently contort her entire face in an effort to make her mouth conform to the proper shapes necessary to form the vowels and consonants. Something in your hindbrain is screaming at you to run away, and you are flooded with adrenaline.

You aren’t sure, but she continues without waiting for a response. “It’s because if I don’t, a large percent of the populace will point and whisper to each other: ‘Oy! Thass one of ‘em golga monsters what sent me ol’ da’ back from the war as ‘is own tombstone!’” Her interpretation of the average citizen’s accent is… creative to say the least. Listening to it in her own pidgin dialect is a unique experience, but you don’t really feel in the mirthful sort of mood to fully appreciate it.
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User Info: Fracastador

9 months ago#7
She continues her manifesto. “I have this vision, Mr. Mansour. 30 years from now, when Officer Murdoc’s generation,” she gestures at the aging policeman. “is mostly dead and gone… and they finally stop putting on those damn war recruitment plays… my daughter’s children will be able to walk the streets in the sun, without anyone throwing a rock, and saying ‘That’s for my husband you f***in’ snake!’ or without anyone hiding their children behind themselves and kneeling down in the dirt to pray that they aren’t noticed. So you’ll forgive me if I fight as hard as I can to keep the news on the streets this evening from being: ’20 men fossilized just outside the city limits: No one is safe until they’re all gone!’ I’ve been extremely…discrete… for a very long time now with this in mind.” Every trace of emotion drops from her face, as she informs you with complete and total conviction: “I will watch every last one of you die before I let that go to waste.” Her deathly serious tone softens slightly, though it still carries weight. “That being said, should my daughter actually fall into imminent danger, I will do what needs to be done. I will not warn you when I make this decision. It is up to you and the other passengers to make it unnecessary for me to do this, which is why you should do everything in your power not to antagonize these bandits.”

A) Insult her. [Insult her how?]
B) Call her bluff. (Say you will be fighting no matter what she does.)
C) Bargain somehow? [What do you propose?]
D) Convince her that you can win without her stone gaze if she helps you. [What’s the plan?]
E) Ask Skever for an alternative?
F) Free choice?
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User Info: SaizotheSixth

9 months ago#8

Just... damn.

That's it. Hide the kid and Scarlet. Just do it.

Also, tell Lady Skever that we aren't willing to leave it up to chance, regardless of what she believes or is willing to do.

Oh, and specifically ask the driver where the best spots to hide them are.
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User Info: Fracastador

9 months ago#9
By the way, it is possible to succeed with this negotiation, though it is easier to get Skever to lend you Oaker's support than her own.
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User Info: Igniter

9 months ago#10
For leverage, we have absolutely nothing Skever wants. But we do have a very particular set of skills applied into lies and subterfuge. Skever just told us the one thing she wants more than anything: For people to stop treating her kind with hatred and fear.
So I'd say we could negotiate with Skever on the basis that if she helps, we could help with either improving her image (Maybe spinning a tale of a heroic gorgon who selflessly took on a band of armed bandits to save people? I dunno yet) or just managing to sweep all this "20 men fossilized" business under the rug.
What do ya'll think?
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