GhZ x FE: Ningaiku Rush (A NSFW, art-enhanced CYOA Series)

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User Info: GatedSunOne

1 year ago#1
Well, guys, here it is. And here I am.

After about two years of slumber, I'm finally back with some sizeable Fates content.

This is arguably my most labor-intensive project surrounding the medium yet, though. This initial Prologue is 40 pages long, and doesn't touch on like 5% of what Nitsuagi's path is going to be truly about, lol.

To assure myself a return of investment and time spent, though, this and Gale's Path to the series (FE x GhZ: Fjord Aerssassins) will be archived on FF.Net, and I already have all artwork stashed onto an Imgur account for proof of elbow grease/show elsewhere.

I might run both Nitsuagi and Gale's Paths concurrently if I have time, but it took me so long to put together Ningaiku Rush's beginnings that Gale's Prologue will definitely air much later.

Art for characters of both Paths are around 65% right now. All the immediate characters have their imagery completed; Xenologue Guest Characters, Characters late in the stories of both Paths and an S Rank Image of whomever Users decide Nitsuagi gets hitched to are what's left to tackle.

Those who have followed me from ages past know that super long, detailed text is my forte of sorts; if you're the impatient type that wants constant CYOA options, LEAVE NOW. This is your only warning. I don't want randoms complaining about story size, and those who aren't bothered by this disclaimer likely won't want to see it posted either.

Ningaiku Rush is also heavy on violence, and several Chapters in particular deal directly with the sex industry. There's gonna be blood and OC waifus everwhere due to GhZ generally having manga-ish characters that are either female or suggestively-built, so there's that to consider.

Needless to say, the options for User input will be far from now. CYOA input will follow at a much faster rate after the Prologue and Chapter 1 of both paths, though.

Prepare yourselves. This is going to be a long-arse ride for everyone involved.
FC; 2964 8693 8509 IGN: Gatenia (Moon)
Lucid Dreamer's Log 2015: 48/365; Nightmares: 40. Serebii's 1000 Buneary Champion; FE: Fates' Typing Bard.

User Info: GatedSunOne

1 year ago#2
Some Extra Things To Consider:

-The series as a whole will have an assortment of Endings, all of which are heavily (but not totally) based on whom Nitsuagi marries. Gale will NOT be able to attain S Rank with any character for the entirety of her own Path, for reasons that will be gone over in due time.

The endings are as follows:

True Ending

(The actual, canon end of the series. This generally means good fortune for both Ylisse and The World of Fate, the death of all wicked enemies, and both Main Characters being alive at the same time. Some characters that were originally twisted and strange may also come out of their stupor as a force of good, as well…)

Fabled Ending

(A True Ending which occurs in very special circumstances. Only less than five Units in either Gale or Nitsuagi’s forces may trigger this ending; whom it is, and the details surrounding this Ending, are hinted below. Readers will know it is coming to pass if all of Nitsuagi’s possible Good Child Units somehow end up existing at the same time. It can be described as an Ending even more prosperous than True Ending, but the CYOAs required demand great skill on behalf of readers.)

Good Ending

(An ending that can be considered the “Alternate Route” to the canon True Ending. Some may live on whom were never intended to, and either Gale or Nitsuagi may lose their life, but the focal point of True Ending still comes to pass. Essentially an ending rife with mistakes that could have been rectified via better CYOA decisions.)

Neutral Ending

(An Ending that can be described as “good enough”: one Main Character/World of The Fire Emblem will end up prospering at the utter doom of another, whether it is directly or otherwise. You will know this Ending is nigh if Nitsuagi or Gale dies before the Endgame Chapters of their own Paths comes along.)

Bad Ending

(The worst possible Ending, one where poor CYOA Options ultimately costs Nitsuagi, Naga, and Gale their lives. Both their worlds may suffer at the hands of its original enemies and tainted organizations, or the forces of evil may all fall, yet leave both Ylisse and The World of Fate irreparable decline or at direct global war with one another, even from across the stars.)

You will NOT know which Ending your choices have triggered until certain people assumed to be granted “Plot Armor” somehow end up dying or becoming forces of evil (I will mark all Essential FE and GhZ Characters appropriately to let readers know if they have made choices in error or not). Due to her emotional instability, Gale’s Path will have a Morality-Based CYOA system whose road to the Endgame will also influence the Endings available.

To make determination of what Ending readers may end up easier, you can hazard an immediate guess based on whom Nitsuagi’s Child Unit ends up being:
FC; 2964 8693 8509 IGN: Gatenia (Moon)
Lucid Dreamer's Log 2015: 48/365; Nightmares: 40. Serebii's 1000 Buneary Champion; FE: Fates' Typing Bard.

User Info: GatedSunOne

1 year ago#3
Child Unit One: “The Milean Emblem”

(True Ending. A wicked “Succubus of Floral Chaos”, one Gale, Chrom, Naga and Nitsuagi are forced to subdue before taking on the actual “Endgame Boss” of the story. Though she wears Gatenia’s face, unknown forces may have warped her into a being of abject horror…could she be saved, somehow?)

Child Unit Two: Gatenia

(Signifies a True Ending or Good Ending. Nitsuagi’s untainted canon Child Unit, being a Tsundere lover of heavy metal and Sorcery whom is even more proficient in Dark Arts than he is. Whether her incarnation is as The Milean Emblem OR herself as an ordinary girl, Gatenia’s birth is mandatory for the fight against the true Enemy of the series AND the beginning of the Third Path (Fire Emblem x Goh Zodiack: Enily’s Rhapsody).

Child Unit Three: Kimi Hye-Ran

(Signifies a Good or Neutral Ending. Her birth in Gatenia’s place is the symbol of parents from differing zones having shared consummation, and adamantly refuses to fight for both world’s safeties at once. A Great Knight whom is a storied Wyvern Slayer by the time Nitsuagi runs into her Paralogue somewhere on the Valm Continent. She may or may not play a direct hand in Naga, Tiki or Gale’s deaths based on user choices before her birth, and cannot give rise to The Third Path if born.)

Child Unit Four: No one, a generic Villager of either sex, or Miscarriage

(Signifies a Neutral Ending or Bad Ending. It would be fairly obvious to readers on whom of Nitsuagi’s partners would yield such fruitless results, such as choosing to sleep with those in the sex industry, being married to a wife that is wholly platonic towards him, a life partner that is infertile, or giving in to certain temptations presented by wary forces. You will know this Ending is nigh if, when his child is presented to the story, a name isn’t given to him or her right away.)

Child Unit Five: Toshiyu

(Bad Ending: a psuedo-demonic precursor known as “The Helix Breaker” that has successfully been reincarnated through the womb of Nitsuagi’s chosen wife as his daughter, capable of sinister thaumaturgy that both rivaled Naga’s in her prime and inspired the creation of a major antagonist organization to be revealed in both stories (more so Nitsuagi’s).

Toshiyu's birth in The Gatenian Society assures the Endgame Enemy of The Third Path leads an existence free of death itself, and acts as he or she’s Voice the same way Tiki did for Naga. Both Gale and most (if not all) of she and Nitsuagi’s allies are eventually killed off should she be born.)

Child Unit Six: Unknown/TBA

(Fabled Ending, one where Nitsuagi’s wife eventually gives birth to Gatenia, Hye-Ran and a third Non-FE/GhZ Character exclusive only to this series whom acts as a new Main Character alongside he and Gale. Whom it is depends on factors mixed between near-perfect CYOA choices and what can be described as a surprising soul mate that must be chosen by readers.)
FC; 2964 8693 8509 IGN: Gatenia (Moon)
Lucid Dreamer's Log 2015: 48/365; Nightmares: 40. Serebii's 1000 Buneary Champion; FE: Fates' Typing Bard.

User Info: GatedSunOne

1 year ago#4
-You may find that some of Nitsuagi’s possible wedding partners may not be favorable for Ylisse or The World of Fates as a whole.

The option for him to place a ring on someone’s finger will happen constantly throughout his journey, but readers are asked to carefully weigh their options when deciding WHEN he should do so, and with whom. (This includes a point in Ningaiku Rush where Nitsuagi is presented with this choice in a similar manner as Chrom in Awakening.)

As a hint, you may find that later characters might make the True or Fabled Ending of this story more obvious than those who may show interest in him earlier on. Who knows…

-At a certain point of Ningaiku Rush, Nitsuagi will attain the power this story is named after alongside Kagerou. Before starting a new Chapter, readers will be asked to decide on which Ningaiku he should approach an assignment armed with (Kagerou will only ever have a single Ningaiku available). As this tale carries a largely Mission-Based Chapter structure, what tools he goes into an assignment with will heavily affect how successful he will be on that objective. Use logic when deciding what to go with.

-After each Story Chapter, the Thread of all Three Paths will enter a “literary break” from the main campaign known as The World Map Adventure.

Here, Readers will be given the chance to undergo a Support with a Unit, tackle a Paralogue, tackle a Xenologue, Contact “The Orphaned Godde” for new Ningaiku (Nitsuagi only)/Conduct Sacred Archeology on ruins rumored to house clues on Gale’s previous life as Jade Aeolus (Gale’s Path only), or simply skip ahead to the next Story Chapter.

Regardless of what order you choose, ALL available courses of action must be completed before The Endgame Chapter of Ningaiku Rush can be taken (Supports Aside). WMAs can only be undergone once from the options available at that time; after that, the next Story Chapter begins automatically.

Opting to Support other Units during WMAs will afford the freedom of how many Ranks to boost Gale/Nitsuagi’s relationship with another Unit, as well as how many Units to Support at that time (meaning the Support could entail Nitsuagi, Camilla and Aoi rather than it just being between two characters). Boosting more than one Unit’s Rank with Nitsuagi disallows S-Ranks to occur; those still must be on a one-to-one basis.
FC; 2964 8693 8509 IGN: Gatenia (Moon)
Lucid Dreamer's Log 2015: 48/365; Nightmares: 40. Serebii's 1000 Buneary Champion; FE: Fates' Typing Bard.

User Info: GatedSunOne

1 year ago#5
...That should cover all the fine print. Slide me a note if you're interested in either being a character in this series or have plans on truly Original Characters of your creation to do the same.

For those who have no bloody clue what this series is meant to be about, here ya go:

I'll be back with the Prologue.
Oh boy...this is gonna take a while.
FC; 2964 8693 8509 IGN: Gatenia (Moon)
Lucid Dreamer's Log 2015: 48/365; Nightmares: 40. Serebii's 1000 Buneary Champion; FE: Fates' Typing Bard.

User Info: GatedSunOne

1 year ago#6

Precisely 23 years prior, somewhere near The Mila Tree, a man was born to The Gatenian Society: a botanical, cult-like community rife with poisoned commoners and its own branch of Mythology. This society is lead by The Nitsuagi Clan, with his sister, Aoi, having been trained and chosen as its eventual heir from a very young age.

Born to the name “Osutin” (and assuming the alias “Austin” in the world of Fates), GSO was an ex Grimlean Sorcerer with a knack for pen-related wares, venturing to the world of Fates to safely engineer a vaccine for his Clan’s many curses (something The Gatenian Society assured they would comb all of Ylisse to behead anyone for if they dared to do such a thing). Though a notorious scribe and storyteller of Nohr, GSO is a known Hoshidan apologist--something that would have had him beheaded if he weren't pulled from Nohr's Prison Centers during the draft for Conquest. He is a lover of things dark, mysterious and eerie: it is worth note that GSO still holds Grima to deified regard, even after playing a hand in its death with The Shepherds.

Sometime during Chrom's Awakening ceremony on Mt.Prism, it is revealed to The Shepherds that GSO's sorcery was the result of Onmyxite-- a bizarre brand of "spiritual poisoning" stemmed from exposure to The Mila Tree's bounty: those coming in contact with Mila's spiritual fruit, "The Emblefigs", are known suffers of this malaise. Unknown to him (until he fled The Grimleal), he and The Gatenian Bloodline had been afflicted with this Milean Curse for many generations as part of their "Sap Baptism" ceremonies; GSO somehow wandered from Gatenian Society as an adolescent before they could reveal this to him, chasing tropical hallucinations and voices in his own head thanks to Onmyxite’s delusions before Validar happened upon his sorry frame entangled in Milean rootwork, giving him a new (and equally unsavory) reason to live as a Grimleal.

Coming in contact with even a single Emblefig of Mila is enough to reenact a forest's effects on the atmosphere within: as a plant draws in impurities and grants life-giving air, an Emblefig absorbs one's sins/intrusive thoughts and breathes holier frames of mind to would-be Exalts. Gatenian Units, however, had been reverse-engineering The Mila Tree's boons so that they ignite shadowy rage and absorb virtue instead, granting Sorcery and spiritual awareness to those who contract Onmyxite without the need of Tomes. GSO spent his greener days on a Chon’sin farm with Gatenians whom cultivated forbidden, Emblefig-based rations for warring armies on the black market, spreading their Milean poison as innocent patrons ate and resold their hexed produce as part of some "biological warfare project" on those unwilling to serve Grima.

As they are essentially "organic memories" of the planet, those who dine on Milean fruit directly experience severe, delusional hallucinations of ancient histories gone by--particularly of a subterranean, long-dead civilization founded deep within The Mila Tree's subterranean rootwork. While its name escapes him, GSO claims his literary skills were inspired by the constant, poisonous influx of Milean lore he receives in his hallucinations and lucid dreams. Having contracted a mild strain of Onmyxite from Gatenian Farmlands, It is assumed that GSO spent his entire childhood wandering aimlessly this way, chasing archaic children and long-gone soldiers in search of this "floral paradise" (a period he calls his "dark age").
FC; 2964 8693 8509 IGN: Gatenia (Moon)
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User Info: GatedSunOne

1 year ago#7
Growing only in response to The Awakening Ceremonies, the price for mishandling Milean vegetation such as Emblefigs is steep: those who contract the floral curse of Onmyxite are left sterile and infertile; no doubt a Godly failsafe to weed out bloodlines foolish enough to mishandle their flora.

This creates a unique paradox in Gatenian societies, whom are Chon’sin men and women of tropical darkness that shouldn't have existed as long as they have, across history. GSO is no exception: though an optimistic man, he often questions how he even breathes life with those around him, making him come off as a tad jealous of those with stable family lives in his Supports (especially royal families).

Though he had his heart reserved for Tiki at first (and, if things went well, the Path of Light thereafter), the Sorcerer couldn't bring himself to confess, feeling his immense shadows (and his family's misuse of The Mila Tree's bounties) would clash with her place at Naga's holiest of holy sides. Though encouraged by Say'ri and The Shepherds to try his luck, GSO seemed adamant in his decision against a life with Tiki as his bride, too fearful of any divine rebuttal her wedding with a Gatenian might cause.

Though present at the time of "a certain trio's departure" for Nohr, GSO didn't tail them: he eventually left the world of Ylisse on his own accord, cutting himself away from his family with the intention of conjuring up a holy vaccine for his Clan’s dreaded Onmyxite and creating his own sinless clan in the Realm of Fates.

Unknown to him, however, many other Gatenian Units shadowed him to this dimension .

Naturally, his sister, Aoi, was one of them. She too was formerly wicked, and was even deployed by The Daimyo of Chon’sin to assassinate her own brother for fleeing his place in Gatenian Society: a Prefecture of his land that happily donated many a Dark Mage and Assassin to his armies over countless centuries.

Despite the ugliness of such a decree, Aoi actually would have killed GSO simply out of the honor she still has for her wicked Clan, yet figuring out why he left to begin with, as well as certain events tied to the Assassination Clan she was born to, led even her to flee both Gatenian Society and that aforementioned strain of hired killers she once proudly led.

…And, as fate would have it, that particular branch of The Nitsuagi Clan would have other plans with these two.

***Nohrian Barracks;

What sounds like metallic clanging can be heard in the distance; accompanied by the fall of several lesser militants. This rouses a certain Sorcerer from his sleep...

GSO: “!!?”
(Sputters; standing out of his seat due to the commotion outside:) “W, what the hell!? What’s going on out there!?”

Nohrian Unit (Outside): “Open up! There’s been a security breach—they’re asking for your presence!!”

GSO (Confused): “Wait, what? You mean…they want me, SPECIFICALLY? What for?”

Just as he says this, a nearby window shatters; yielding to the sonic strike of something flying through it in an attempt to hit him. He managed to get out of the way, though—it would have meant an unsightly gash otherwise. The force of that mystery weapon sent glass flying; he pick some of it from his violet hair.

Taking a moment to recover, the Sorcerer looked to the wall, realizing something interesting about the weapon lodged there:

“…What the. Isn’t that…that isn’t a Nohrian Weapon. That can’t be right…don’t tell me that—“
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User Info: GatedSunOne

1 year ago#8

The front door of GSO’s room rattles madly in place, having had a person slammed into it by force. This pretty much confirmed the poor Nohrian’s suspicions: their invaders weren’t from the country.

Hoshidan Invader: “This is the last of the unopened rooms. Get those men subdued; I’ll Locktouch it open; he has to be in there. Be ready to apprehend him.”

Hoshidan Invader (Female): “Oh, you know me. I’m well versed in Capturing baddies. In fact, if the tarot cards I gained insight from earlier mean anything…it’s that we’ll be successful on our Easter Egg hunt, today. Just make sure the Nohrian main army doesn’t figure out we’re here.”

Hoshidan Invader: “I’ll have our mages generate an illusion that hazes onlookers. This man has to answer for his wife’s antics on our country…even if it means we bring his head back to Lord Ryouma…”

GSO (Flabbergasted): “Wh-what!? Hold on, I don’t have a wife—I’m single, here. You guys must have the w—“

Before he could finish Insert Kanye West meme here, a Hoshidan Ninja kicked the door out; it’s flight across the room a sure sign of how powerful these invaders really were. The poor man was clipped on the arm by the flying door, throwing him onto his side on the floor with screaming pain gripping his left side. In no time, several more Shinobi have the man surrounded, flooding the entrance and even leaping in through the window…


…This wasn’t going to end too well.

Looking around him, GSO couldn’t even make an accurate head count of all the men and women bound to Hoshidan shadows that breached the Barracks. Either he was going to be taken into enemy hands the same way he crash- landed onto Nohr, or he was as good as dead now. Either way, it was going to take lot more than several autographs to get his new adversaries to back off…

GSO (Gritting teeth): “……………”

Hoshidan Invader (Staring down at him): “…………….”

Hoshidan Invader #2 (Entering view, scratching head): “…Did…you really have to blow open the door like that? You had it unlocked already, you know.”

Hoshidan Invader: “If what our intel on this man has is true, he’ll need more than just residual damage to answer for. Clear a path for the others.”

GSO (being apprehended): “H-hey, wait a second! What the hell—at least give me a second to explain myself!! How sure are you that—“

Hoshidan Invader (Female; out of sight): “Oh, we’re VERY sure we’ve caught our mark. The one who led that seige on our OWN Barracks…she mentioned you by name, dear. You ARE Nitsuagi, correct?”
FC; 2964 8693 8509 IGN: Gatenia (Moon)
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User Info: GatedSunOne

1 year ago#9
And with that, the man’s blood ran cold. As much as he adored Hoshido, the fact they knew that name meant an ill omen was coming over his immediate future.

How…how did they even know him by that name?

It was his birth name as determined by those of The Gatenian Society…a name he abandoned to lead a new existence on Nohr as Austin, or GSO. It was a title that was Chon’sin in etymology, which could have easily been confused for Hoshidan influence by the Far Eastern-hating public of Nohr, so the man had to change names to something less…authentic. He’d never told anyone of the term “Nitsuagi”, not even those in Nohr. Everyone here knew him as either Austin or The GatedSunOne, an alias that was but a hint of the Chon’sin Clan he hailed from.

Several Master Ninjas stepped aside, clearing the way for a familiar looking Onmyoji behind them. The Shinobi that had GSO on his knees were called aside by the woman, whom seemed a tad too cheery for the siege she was apparently leading. Taking a moment to look her over, it hit the Sorcerer like a flying door right over his arm on whom she was: traditional attire meant for oracles, several tarot cards in tow, and a decidedly-cultural hairstyle rich in Hoshidan aesthetic (and lavender, if he were detecting it correctly…

…Whom else would it be, but…

Orochi: “……………..”

GSO: “……………….”

Orochi (looking over his bleeding arm, carefully): “Mmnh. That must have hurt…that one ninja over there was right. Why DID you blast open the door when your Locktouch did the trick?”

GSO (Bitterly): “Wh-what do you care. You’re here to kill me or something, aren’t you?”

Orochi: “What? …Oh, right. That. Weeeeeeell…er, no. You don’t have to worry about ME doing the slaying here. I’m just here to, um, “misplace” you depending on what you have to say for yourself.”

GSO: “Ggngh…”

Orochi (sighs, with a shrug): “It’s such a shame that we’re meeting like this. You’re that one Nohrian author, right? This might not be the setting for such, but for what it’s worth, I do enjoy your wares. Although much of it can be too raunchy for my taste…”

GSO (Clutching his arm): “…Save it…just…what’s the meaning of this. What was the use of killing so many just to get to me? I’m sure you guys had the skill to have me offed in secrecy. I mean, look at all these Shinobi. Anyone here could have just—“

Orochi (Annoyed): “…Really? Are…are you seriously going to play coy at a time like this?”

GSO: “…?”

Orochi (Holding her head): “Nitsuagi, Austin, whomever. It isn’t in your best interest to feign ignorance any longer. It’s only a matter of time before our men’s illusions wear off, so you can either speak up now or have my “BFF” here greet you at the blade. Why did you orchestrate it?”

GSO: (While he indeed had zero idea what she was talking about, it was obvious that trying to prove his innocence would just make that shaman angrier than she already was. The man kept his mouth shut, hoping Orochi would say something related to whatever she was accusing him of.)

Orochi: “…………….”

GSO: “……………”

Orochi: “……………..”

GSO: “………………”
FC; 2964 8693 8509 IGN: Gatenia (Moon)
Lucid Dreamer's Log 2015: 48/365; Nightmares: 40. Serebii's 1000 Buneary Champion; FE: Fates' Typing Bard.

User Info: GatedSunOne

1 year ago#10
Orochi: “…Fie. This isn’t going to end as well as I thought it would, is it. Dear me…maybe that fortune of calamity I foresaw truly can’t be avoided if this man lives…”

GSO (Face drained): ” “Nngh!? What!? Hold on, d-don’t off me, dammit!! Gimme a sec to—“

He goes to take a step further, but the traditional Shinobi blade of a very skilled Kunoichi stops him dead in his tracks, blowing back several lesser ninja in the process. The gust of wind in her presence was enough to send her target back in a dirt-kicked skid several feet, losing balance at the feet of several Shinobi behind him.

Knocked on his seat, the man had been assaulted by a mahogany-haired ninja in fuchsia, silky garb that was easily several leagues higher than any Shinobi present in status. She had an abundance of hair, in fact; much of it covered one her eyes in what could be assumed was both a stylistic and natural choice. It annoyed him to admit that his attacker was so attractive, given how serious the situation was…

(Clutches his neck; the weapon only grazed him, but it was honed so well it drew blood and left a very thin carnation strip across his throat:) “Gaagh, damn it!! Cough, cough…”

??? (Weapon held; teeth clenched): “…………….”

GSO (Staring at ???, dismayed): “………………”
(Thinking:) “Wh…what the. I didn’t even see her anywhere nearby! And that sword…uugh…it barely scratched me, and…”

Orochi (As her ally relaxes stance): “…This isn’t going to end well for any of us if this goes on much longer. So much for diplomacy…this may have been a bad idea on my part, after all…”

???: “You had good intentions. Don’t let it get you down…I, too, would rather this ended without much hassle.”

GSO (As “???” approaches him): “……………….”

??? (Staring down at GSO): “Up here. Your sad disposition isn’t going to suddenly make us change our minds and leave, Nitsuagi.”

GSO: “…H…how the hell do you guys…know that name…”

??? (Eyes shut): “Well, ordinarily, I’d say something along the lines of “we ninja are resourceful”. However, your wife openly told us everything about you, including the fact you may not be Nohrian at all…”

GSO: “…This is r-ridiculous. I don’t have a wife or anything…hell, I’m single, here. Who would know so much about me that’s behind enemy lines like THIS?”

??? (Ignoring him): “I am Kagerou. The gist of the matter right now is cut and dry: Lord Ryouma of Hoshido tasked several of us to either have you detained and extradited to our land for trial, or have you…”conveniently disappear” should that prove impossible. Orochi will handle your incarceration should you surrender…and I personally will have you head brought back to Hoshido if you choose otherwise.”

Orochi: (Says nothing, but waves cheerily at the confused Sorcerer as if his situation weren't as dire as it really was.)

Kagerou (Looking back at her, then at GSO): “You two seem to be at least lightly acquainted. Is…this the work of past alliance between you two?”

GSO: “I wish. I’ve never seen that woman before...although I’m surprised to find Hoshidans enjoy my work. I’m pretty sure Nohrian entertainment of all sort was banned in your country until very recently…”
FC; 2964 8693 8509 IGN: Gatenia (Moon)
Lucid Dreamer's Log 2015: 48/365; Nightmares: 40. Serebii's 1000 Buneary Champion; FE: Fates' Typing Bard.
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