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User Info: Zx_Cryogenic

1 year ago#1
I use to be mainly a console gamer,played ff7 & 9 on ps4 but now ive transitioned to pc gaming more and was gonna buy these games on steam but there was one thing bugging me i heard the boosters u can turn on and off (like turn off random battles ect) are differant in the steam version to the console version and not just that i even heard u need to go on some webpage to turn them on ect unlike the easy button presses of the console version,is this true ? if so is ff9 the same ?

User Info: Banuta

9 months ago#2
It seems that the Steam version has a built in save game booster which basically sets your HP and MP to max. But the game is already quite easy, even if you would be quite new to the game. And there are powerful tools you can use to edit save games on PC anyways.
(edited 9 months ago)

User Info: C1REX

9 months ago#3
Ps4 version has 3 cheats:
- 3x speed
- no random encounters
- auto heal + auto limit break refill

If you want just plug and play then ps4 version might be better but if you are OK with mods then you get all the above and 100x more including graphic upgrades and gameplay mods changing bosses and enemies.

I'm finishing my ps4 perfect run and my PC modded version is waiting to be played soon after.
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  3. Steam version vs console,cheats. . .
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