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Another thing I always like to look at is what each studio has to work with going into awards season; especially for smaller studios, you have to really concentrate on one film as your big play and maybe a second for individual performances/screenplay. Here's what everybody has that has at least some shot for a Big 5 category:

Disney (Disney/Pixar/Fox/Fox Searchlight)

Ford v. Ferrari (Fox)
Jojo Rabbit (Fox Searchlight)
A Hidden Life (Fox Searchlight)

Warner Bros.

Just Mercy

Sony (Sony/Columbia/SPC/Tristar)

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Columbia)
Little Women (Columbia)
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (Tristar)
Pain and Glory (SPC)


Queen & Slim


The Irishman
Marriage Story
The Two Popes
Dolemite is My Name


The Farewell
The Lighthouse
Uncut Gems



Focus Features

Dark Waters


Knives Out


The Report



Roadside Attractions


A couple of things jump out immediately:

-Holy crap, Sony has a STRONG slate of films going into awards season-3 potential Best Picture nominees and a Best Actor/Best International Film nominee. Really interesting choices here for them, I think at least one of those four might get shuttled to the side; that, and with the Oscars moving up to early February, Little Women (a Christmas release) might have a tougher time breaking through the crowd unless they get screeners out way earlier.
-Netflix has a strong group, although they have a ton of resources and in a good position choice wise: 2 across the board contenders assuming The Irishman delivers and two movies where you can just focus on Best Actor.
-A24 is probably choosing between Waves and The Farewell as their big play, with their other two films going for acting categories
-With Just Mercy flopping at TIFF, it's all steam ahead with Joker for WB
-Ford v. Ferrari actually got very soft reviews at TIFF (down to 88%, 6.9 average on RT), but if it does well at the box office it's still Disney's strongest play...unless they think a small but very dedicated group loves Jojo Rabbit, enough for a BP nom.
-Universal has only two contenders and nobody has seen either of them yet. Hard to say about them.
-Neon quietly has a stellar fall lineup with the above two films and Portrait of a Lady on Fire.
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