Rank and Discuss the Films of Ken Russell

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User Info: Pus_N_Pecans

4 days ago#1
I haven't seen any of Ken Russell movies myself, but I remember seeing a few folks here talking about him a while back and he sounded pretty interesting. I've been told before that I should really watch Altered States sometime, but what's the consensus on Russell here? What should I prioritize?
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User Info: AstralMeats

4 days ago#2
I haven't watched enough but I love the few I've seen.

I'd put them
1. The Devils
2. Altered States
3. The Lair of the White Worm

Real wild, colourful and exciting films that I'd never have expected from a British director of his era.
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User Info: wetwillies

4 days ago#3
From my admittedly small sample size, I would say I sometimes find it difficult to get along with his films, because some of their more wild aspects don't really align with my own sensibilities, but when he's on, the results can be magical. Lisztomania is secretly my favorite just because it's the most crazy - one of those crazy movies where watching it is actually as rewarding as hearing it described - but I'd be hard-pressed to call it his best movie. Tommy is a more refined take on some of the ideas found throughout Lisztomania, and I like it a lot, too.

1. The Devils
2. Tommy
3. Lisztomania
4. Women in Love
5. Altered States
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User Info: rockus

4 days ago#4
I really like The Boy Friend and Women in Love. The Boy Friend is especially my kind of odd little ragtag musical, and it has this gnarly musical number that starts out almost like a Top Hat Astaire/Rogers, dance but on top of a record player, before it breaks into some Busby Berkeley-esque craziness, and it has a lot of fun with the idea that these are amateur theater performers putting on a show. Really love it.

And I just saw Women in Love actually and I really like how Russell seems to be less interest in plot focus than he is on emotional exploration and it has some neat visual techniques in there to peak interest in it as more than just a period adaptation of Lawrence and some fine performances. Thought it was great. And the infamous wrestling scene does not disappoint, and I don't mean that in a crass way, it's a great scene.

I think that's all I've seen from him actually. I need to see more. Especially The Devils since I always hear great things about it.

1. The Boy Friend
2. Women in Love
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User Info: AstralMeats

4 days ago#5
I haven't heard great things but I'm interested in seeing the films he made late in his life. It sounds like he never really gave up trying to get his ideas out there on screen.
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User Info: BigLargeHuge

4 days ago#6
I think The Devils is honestly one of the best films I’ve ever seen, or at least one of the most gutturally and sensorily powerful. I was fully expecting to be disppointed by it, because how could a movie possibly live up to that kind of reputation? But the movie exceeded it.

The only others I’ve seen are Tommy, Liztomania, and Crimes of Passion. I like those ones too.
The Devils and Women In Love are the best, but the most interesting are the BBC films made for television. The rest are also good. I don't really like him, but he was a real original.
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