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User Info: Pus_N_Pecans

11 months ago#1
I thought it might be nice to have a little topic dedicated to animation, since I think there's at least a few of us interested in it. Some even make shorts of their own >.>

Feel free to post trailers to new ones, recommend older hidden gems, or just talk amongst each another about why the medium is important to you.
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User Info: IShall_Run_Amok

11 months ago#2
Has anyone seen any of the classic UPA cartoons? They've long since been overshadowed by the canon cast of Termite Terrace, the Disney trio (Donald, Goofy, and Mickey respectively), and of course Hanna Barbera and Tex Avery's respective rosters, but in the 1950s they were a force to be reckoned with, winning a couple of Oscars, most famously for Gerald McBoingboing. They pioneered the 'limited animation' aesthetic that would, through its later invocation in the age of television cartoons, earn heaps of scorn, but in truth it was an intentional aesthetic meant, at the time, to differentiate their work from that of Disney and Warner. There's nothing necessarily limited about the imagination or achievement of Gerald McBoing-Boing or, naturally, 1953's The Tell-Tale Heart, one of the masterpieces of American animation.


Their library is with Columbia, and thus with Sony, so I'm hoping proper HD or even 4K restorations will arrive, and the likes of Indicator, Criterion, or even Twilight Time will release them on video. There is a DVD boxed set of their work available, entitled The Jolly Frollics Collection.
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User Info: Pus_N_Pecans

11 months ago#3
I hadn't seen that before, but I can safely say it puts the version that's in Extraordinary Tales to shame.
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User Info: BigLargeHuge

11 months ago#4
I watched a bunch of the UPA shorts when they played on TCM a few years ago. The Tell-Tale Heart and Gerald McBoing Boing are deservedly famous, but I also really liked Rooty Toot Toot, Fudget's Budget, The Unicorn in the Garden, and Christopher Crumpet. They're funny and dynamic, using the "limitations" of their animation style to expressive advantage.

User Info: rockus

11 months ago#5
I'm pretty sure I've seen Gerald McBoing Boing. Maybe some others. That would make a good project to dive into when I can though.

User Info: thesmark

11 months ago#6
Here you are bringing in awesome animated shorts and here's me over in a corner with Chargeman Ken (seriously, if you've never watched it before it's wonderfully bonkers):

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User Info: rockus

11 months ago#7
Got around to ordering My Neighbor Totoro on Bluray. These GKids bluray prices are great. Still a bunch of them on Amazon for only 13 dollars a piece (though some a little higher, but not the 25-30 craziness that they were when Disney was distributing). Next I want to get Kiki and Whisper of the Heart, Ponyo, My Neighbors the Yamadas, and Castle in the Sky after that. Then start upgrading a couple from DVD like Spirited Away.

User Info: Zithers

11 months ago#8
Do they have dubtitles? Heard somewhere a lot of the Disney releases did which is why I never got them.

User Info: Myke

11 months ago#9
A classique...

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User Info: rockus

11 months ago#10
GKids says that they got the subtitles provided from Ghibli, so I would assume that they're more accurate.


I don't have the Kiki bluray to check. I know that one had dubtitles on the old Disney release. I'm not sure what other ones did or not. If there's a way to check on Totoro if the old Disney release was dubtitled instead anyone let me know what to look for and I can get back to you about it.
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