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User Info: PunkrawkBbob

4 years ago#1

More details in my lengthy review above, but this game is a mess. There's only one class to play as, there's no skill upgrades beyond two power skills received at checkpoints in the game. There's no armor, five types of weapons, four variations of those weapons, one attack animation, no attribute points, no defense or magic rating. Leveling up simply gives you attack and HP increases. There are TONS of bugs, mistranslations, and broken features. This game needed another few months dedicated to QA testing.

I finished the game around level 20, about 12 hours (while taking notes for the review). All trophies earned through normal play with the exception of the gladiator/Colosseum ones. You can miss that if you don't look for it. No clue what the rank is to get the top rank trophy. Made it through 32 rounds and it's still going before I quit.

Doubt there will ever be a proper FAQ, but here's a list of locations/events in the game for those wondering how far they are. Minor spoilers(?) if you care.

Clear graveyard.
Talk to people in Town
Go save Ayuke in woods
Talk to people in Town
Raid castle/fortress
Talk to people in Town
Run back through swamps
Run back through Woods
Town attacked, someone dies
Cut to 3 months earlier and play as a new PC
He finds a tomb in Hell, then scene ends abruptly
Angry Akara leaves town to get revenge
Gets new mission to find the guy who was in Hell you played as.
Play on beach in bathing suits
Catch a ride to an island paradise
Speak w/Lorena at inn
(Gladiator circle across from Lorena's Inn)
Go to Hell, get kidnapped by peaceful sisters
Play as 3rd PC for 5 mins, barely related to story
Play as 2nd PC again to run through a Fortress (5 mins)
Play as 4th PC traveling with Akara for a short quest (really oddly placed/pointless)
In Hell, learn your origins were lies and Adrian is the demon kings brother
Siege evil kings castle
Kill evil king, plot twist, then conclude with "To Be Continued"
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User Info: geelw

4 years ago#2
There's only one class to play as...

As for that, well... to be fair the subtitle IS "Akara's Journey" and its not the only ARPG to have a single playable character.

Granted, having an unlockable skin or new hero(ine) pop up with a different story to play would have been cool. But the game's other issues would have made it about as enjoyable the second time around (or: not very enjoyable in its current state).

Other than that, the game is a mess of wasted opportunities. The Vita REALLY needs more chase 'n chop games, but not one this badly done. I hope to hack (heh) it gets a major patch otherwise it'll be another huge disappointment.

"It's just a jump to the left..."

User Info: PunkrawkBbob

4 years ago#3
Yeah, but in Mass Effect you play as Commander Shepard but still get like 6 classes to choose from. Having different talent trees even to vary it up between say offensively heavy Monk versus a defensive build of Knight would have been enough. Playing as one person doesn't mean it has to be just one class.
XBL / PSN: PunkrawkBbob

User Info: geelw

4 years ago#4
Playing as one person doesn't mean it has to be just one class.

Heh. Well, that would make The Legend of Zelda series a LOT more interesting, wouldn't it?

All kidding aside, either the developer(s) were going at this old school or just didn't think it through to add that variety. That said, this game is SO dated and odd on a few fronts that I'm gathering they weren't trying to make something expected and modern as much as recapture an older generation of gameplay.

Also, Mass Effect is too big a game to compare to this one as far at its class system goes and this game's total lack of one. You may as well beat it up for not having a deep character editor or only letting you play as a female character (neither of which is a bad thing at all). I felt it was more like an incomplete mobile game ported to the Vita (which doesn't forgive any of its issues, by the way - there are some decent mobile titles out there if you look hard enough).

I tend to go into every game with no expectations to compare it to another unless the game blatantly borrows elements from other titles or says somewhere in a press release or on an official site it's an homage to others. This keeps me from overusing comparisons and actually being surprised on occasion when I find stuff I like. Unfortunately (lol), this game was far too buggy and bizarre to find much to appreciate.
"It's just a jump to the left..."

User Info: Lightwarrior11

4 years ago#5
That was a really thorough review, you really gave the game every chance to show its good side; wish there could have been one... :\
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