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User Info: bigjon310

5 years ago#1
I've played hard games before. Challenges can be fun. But this...this is just wrong. Most of the game is easy. I've got Gold ranking on every level. I have best time globally on some of them. However...the final boss. I don't have a ranking for that, because I can't beat the second half of it. It would be fine if it was just hitting the enclosed targets while s*** gets tossed at you/ you get warped around by tiny suns. It would be fine if it was just Having to beat amped up versions of previous levels. Combine those two, and add in the stupidity that you can't assign jump to X, and the difficulty spikes by a factor of 100. It makes the falling rocks + rising spikes from the end of the last level seem fair!

To sum it up, the developers clearly don't want the ending to be seen by 99.9% of players. This is a real statistic, according to trophy data.
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User Info: Dave_Scoffin

5 years ago#2
while I definitely don't have any gold times, don't even think I beat the bronze time on any of the levels in fact, but I did beat the final boss last night, however, it was only after about 45 minutes of shouting at the screen and wishing I hadn't started the damn game, it was hideous and not even remotely fun.

It would have been far better if there had been checkpoints at the beginning of each of the mini trials, rather than having to get back into the orbs every time you died.

User Info: Fivewinds

5 years ago#3
So then just remap your controller in the systems menu. You can do that for any game, since it's a PS4 function, not a game function. Though you're not going to be able to aim your teleports with jump on face buttons. Actually it makes it alot harder to play.
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User Info: superbuu3

5 years ago#4
I did a boss guide hopefully it helps:

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