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  3. Who thought making L1 the jump button was a good idea?

User Info: Carpetfluff

5 years ago#1
Is my main complaint... Yes, I do know you can change it to L2, or the R buttons, but why not just let me use the face buttons? X would feel way more natural. Or is the fact that the controls are unnatural part of the challenge?

User Info: digressive

5 years ago#2
I think it is to allow for aiming and firing the teleport ball while jumping and boosting.

If you used a face button, you'd have to move your thumb from the right stick.
Final Fantasy2389 5 years ago#3
How about we make mechanics that actually work then?

I couldn't stand playing the game for more than 15 minutes. Turned it off and deleted it.
Sad, cause in the PS+ free game preview it looked like a pretty awesome platformer but the controls are terrible for me.
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User Info: Fivewinds

5 years ago#4
So then just remap your controller in the systems menu. You can do that for any game, since it's a PS4 function, not a game function. Though you're not going to be able to aim your teleports with jump on face buttons.
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User Info: Colinp42

5 years ago#5
I think maybe this is why I don't like the game too. I don't enjoy jumping with L1.
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  3. Who thought making L1 the jump button was a good idea?
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