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User Info: entitledONE

3 years ago#31
Does anyone have any info on the seeker class? I've seen tons about sword and boards but nothing about duel dagger gameplay. Just would like a sense to see what abilities carried over and what they eliminated as I haven't heard dodging mentioned.
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User Info: XanaxChild

3 years ago#32
anyone know if this game has a chance of coming to 360? just curious.
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User Info: Julien-S

3 years ago#33
Sony helped finance the game, so my guess is no.
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User Info: GodsPoison

3 years ago#34
meralonne posted...
Thanks for the clarification. If this makes it Stateside, pretty sure I'm gonna go sword 'n board. =)

You be the Tank and i'll be the agile Seeker! Cant wait to zip around an Ogres head ala Attack on titan style lol!

User Info: lordofthenlpple

3 years ago#35
Game is gonna be great
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