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User Info: Baconmon

4 years ago#1
I wanted to email the game company or some one more official, but couldn't find any good place to email..

Any way, I did some thing that the programmers didn't account for, and now I am stuck and have no option but to DELETE my game and start a new game from the beginning.. I was pretty far in the game too.. Unfortunately I don't have the patience to go through the whole game again, so I won't ever see the rest of fairune2..

I will concisely explain how to reproduce this bug:
●After blue fairy upgrades your ID-card to highest level, go inside the tower and keep going up..
●Eventually you will get to the next-to-highest floor, which will be 3 tree-stump-looking blocks, and blue slime, and some times rare gold knight, and also a white square robot and the final (6th) memory-storage item..
●Pick up memory-storage item..
●Instead of going up the stairs, back-track through the tower back to the entrance and exit the tower..
●Use the main warping thingy to warp to that evening-sun cage place..
●Climb up the right-side ladder and place the last memory-storage item you have, so that all 6 are finally inserted..
●hatsune miku will climb the ladder and have a short scene with you..
●Exit out of the evening-sun place the same way you came in..
●Go back in to the tower and go all the way to the top..
●This time when you enter in to the evening-sun cage place, you will have come from the west-south stairs..
●Push the button next to you.. Block lowers..
●Save your game..

Congratulations, you just screwed up your game just like I accidentally did.. You have no choice but to delete your save and start all over again.. Any time you enter in to the main room of evening-sun place now, the game will freeze and then crash and your whole 3DS will error and then restart and then you will cry for a few hours..

I think what is happening is, the game has 2 certain scenes for that miku-looking girl that it wants to play in order.. We will call them scene #1 and scene #2.. The 1st scene is supposed to happen when you enter the cage place AFTER pushing the button (that lowers the block).. As soon as you push that button, it prepares the cage place for scene #1 (but doesn't actually start the scene yet, it just sets up 2 trigger squares).. The actual scene #1 is triggered when you step on one of two squares: Either 1 square east of the lowered block, or 1 square north of the place where you warp in (using the main warp thing)..

Scene #2 is supposed to be triggered when you insert the final (6th) memory-storage item in to the slot.. This is the scene where she climbs up the ladder and talks for a second, and then she ends up climbing (left ladder) all the way to the top next to the warp portal thing and waits there.. So after scene #2, she is no longer standing in the main inside-room area next to that egg thing..

Well, the programmers seem to have made the assumption that if scene #1 is being triggered, then scene #2 hasn't happened yet.. They are also making the assumption that if scene #2 is triggered, then scene #1 must have already happened..But in actuality, if you follow my steps up there, scene #2 actually takes place first..

After I obtained the final (6th) memory-storage item, I didn't end up pushing that button in the cage place, so scene #1 was never prepared.. I entered the cage area via the main warp, and put the final memory-storage item in its place, which triggered scene #2, after which she is at the top of the place now, next to the warp thing..
But then, after I go back through the tower and then push that button in cage area, it prepares scene #1's trigger squares.. And when I step on one of the two trigger squa
Apparently I have reached character limit.. −_−
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