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User Info: Soulavenger69

4 years ago#1
So in the process of doing the beat the game in under 2:30, figured I'd share my notes for the path I used for the game. I just got the first fairy and I'm at ~10 minutes. (Note: This assumes you have a general idea where everything is and how to get to it so I won't explain any details regarding that).

Mana Fragment
Mana Tree 1
Hope Sword
Green Orb 1
Faraway Memory
Level 2*
Log 1 (Near Tower)
Log 2
Earth Stone 5 (Golem)
Mana Tree 2 (near the entrance to where the Green Fairy is captured)
Level 3 + 4
Earth Ring
Solar Key
Level 5
Earth Stone 3 (Desert)
Log 3
EXP Booster
Green Orb 2+3
Level 6
Green Fairy+Storage Device

The biggest thing I could see being done differently is the path to level 2 and the Axe. It might make sense to grab the Axe while you're still in the Dress (And then grab Log 1 and then go for the sword, skipping the Faraway Memory entirely until much later in the run). I haven't tested it myself but I feel it's inferior to getting the sword first, because of the path I take to get to level 2. I kill a total of 13 Slimes, which leaves me with just enough exp that killing a Trent will level me up, and then I go grab the axe, making sure I kill a Trent on the path so I level and heal to full. This way, I only have to dodge one of the Trents, since I can kill exactly 3 Trents at level 2 and not die.

After I follow a normal path up until I get to the second Mana Tree (grabbing my first Earth Stone along the way in the Golem Puzzle room) and then grind to level 4 so I can grab the Earth Ring (since a Wasp will one shot you if you're not at least level 4 and trying to dodge the wasp on the path to the Earth Ring is extremely difficult). I also grab the Solar Key since the path I take to get back to the surface takes me right by it and it's kind of necessary to grab it now since we don't have any plans to return to this section until much later in the game.

From here, I just grab the remaining items I need to unlock the door to the first fairy and gradually build my level up to 6, since that's the level you need to be at to clear out all the monsters in the Fairy Room without dying. I've also grabbed my second Earth Stone from the desert by clearing out the cacti. I currently don't have plans to grab the remaining Earth Stones since 2 of them I cannot get to yet and the others will be more convenient to grab at a later time.

I did grab the Exp booster. I am uncertain if this will pay off or not since I won't be upgrading the thing immediately. I think the Shield Booster is far more important for a speed run (since it'll let you clear out the fairy boss rooms at a lower level) but I will have extra coins to at least get the first level and it should be useful in speeding up the process to get to level 30. (Assuming it's necessary to do so).

Anyway, that's all I got for now,

User Info: Soulavenger69

4 years ago#2
Sorry, I haven't really played in a while so that's why I haven't posted anything. There's a correction I need to make to my last post though, you need to kill 17 slimes not 13 (or 15 slimes and a Sand Gel) to reach the exp threshold to reach level 2 from killing a Trent.

Anyway, I tried out the other paths I mentioned and my suspicions were indeed correct (In the case of Axe first, I managed to get stuck for a good 30 seconds and quickly decided this was a bad idea).

Shield Boost
Mana Tree 1
Level 7+8
White Key
Mana Tree 2 (Near Frozen Lake)
Level 9*
Ice Stone 2 (Path leading from compass)
Warrior Statue
Ice Stone 5 (Stairs below switch to Statue)
Red Orb 1
Ice Stone 7 (Entrance to Lava Cave)
Mana Tree 3
Level 10

This is up to the Forest Maze puzzle, I wrote down the path for that more for my own sake than anything else, since it saves a little time if you don't have to open your item menu every time to look at the compass. Anyway, this is more of less a standard path (quickly grind up with the Ice Gels near the entrance to get to level 8) with the only special part being the path to level 9. Like the path to level 2, you want to be able to get exactly enough exp (in this case it's 15, easily reachable without healing by killing just Ice Gels and Snow Serpents) in the screen with the compass on it and then kill exactly two Snow Serpents and a Yeti to level on that screen. This way you can grab the Ice Stone nearby needing to dodge only the Yetis in the screen underneath to get to it and get out. From here it's a normal path, with the only detours in getting the Ice Stones along your path. And of course you reach level 10 off the Red Slimes near the Mana Tree in the Lava cave. Still working out the rest of the route of course and I'll let you guys know how that works out soon.

User Info: R_Hunter

4 years ago#3
Neat. Tracking.
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