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User Info: FistOfFury

3 months ago#1
F13th still going strong in 2021 on PS4/PS5, you can still get into lobbies easily and just fine. Don’t pay attention to all the doom and gloom. Yeah, sucks that there no servers or updates anymore, but peer to peer quick play still works just fine. Sometimes there’s disconnections but whatever, just exit and find a new quick play lobby, it doesn’t take long majority of the time. I think people nowadays have been spoiled, you don’t NEED servers in every game. It just makes things more convenient, but everything is still playable.

I was able to find matches one after another without problems in the dead middle of the night 2am on monday up until I stopped at sunrise on the east coast (don’t ask, I’m a night owl ok? lol). And about 90% were full matches too! So that’s gotta be saying something for the game’s population, there’s still people that are wanting to play.

So come hang out and play!

User Info: x_CoRrUpTioN_x

2 months ago#2
Ah so that's why the connection is hit or miss.

Didn't know the servers were gone...
"I don't always chug, but when I do I choose Estus. Stay salty my friends."

User Info: Cpl_D_Hicks

1 month ago#3
I wouldn't say its dying, but it is very common to take time to find games, only to lose connections, or rage quitting hosts. For a couple of hours, that is ALL that I've been going through. I just had a host quit on me as soon as I grabbed him, but he was literally doing NOTHING but hide in a cabin. And this was a level 150 guy too, so he should have known what to do instead of letting me grab him & then quit.Just because the time you play is when it conveniently works for you doesn't mean everywhere else in the world is all well & good.

Yes, I still get games regularly, but it is still all too common for lost connections & hosts that quit. I think at this point they should have just did what 2K/Gearbox did with Battleborn & just kill the game for good so nobody can play it anymore. The game was a failure from the word go.

User Info: jules88

1 month ago#4
Are still hotfix/patches coming? I've noticed rolling perks is screwy right now :Z can only roll 1 or 2 before it says basically error lol

User Info: RaidenGarai

1 month ago#5
As far as I know there will be no more patches or hot fixes, which sucks because as you said, they f***ed up perks with the final update.

I only play with a group now so I’m never trying to find matches alone, but we have occasional problems when there are only 4 of us instead of the normal 6-7.

User Info: c_yoder

1 month ago#6
I seem to recall when they announced the final update that they did ask that people continue to report bugs. That suggests to me that they haven't completely closed the door on a future update, but maybe that would only be in the event of a game-breaking issue (and for how long?).

I got in a handful of matches one night last month. Two of them sucked, the other two were enjoyable (no survivals for me) and even had a friendly exchange with a Jason after they made an excellent shift grab to kill me. In maybe seven matches since they dropped dedicated servers, I've yet to play with a host quitter; I think part of my hesitance to play anymore is the dread of that old familiar feeling coming back to me the first time it happens since three years ago. Man, hosts quitting would chap my ass.

User Info: RaidenGarai

1 month ago#7
I hope they’d fix perks again. It’s so annoying to try rolling or selling two and getting an error.

Maybe we’ll run into each other one of these nights, if the group doesn’t have a private lobby!
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  3. Game still going strong in 2021, don't pay attention to all the doom and gloom
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