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User Info: VenomBDP

6 years ago#1
Does anyone know how to find the Red brick and fossil A in the "Lab Interior" stage of Jurassic Park 3? My wife and I have tried everything we can think of!
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User Info: Trinity621

6 years ago#2
Fossil A is revealed after destroying 6 security cameras, the are blue & white rectangular pieces high in the walls. 2 in the lobby on either side of the rolling door, 1 under the stairs above the dark room, 1 next to the Ingen panel, 2 on the catwalk ( from the Ingen panel, go as far left as you can, use a high jump female to jump up on the air duct, follow onto the catwalk, shoot cameras with rifle character.

Amber piece is under the stairs after you leave the lobby. There is a blue electric panel on the wall. Use Barry to "charge" the panel. The door will open to a dark room. Use Malcolm or Timmy to enter & retrieve the Amber piece.

Hope this helps.
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