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User Info: Cystic_Supreme

6 years ago#1
I've read constant articles on it being a local coop, as other games of the franchise. But I can't find ANYWHERE how to connect them? The game itself doesn't seem to contain an option for that mode, so I must be missing something. 2 3ds's, 2 game cartridges.. Any info for me? Thanx

User Info: IkedaTeramusa

6 years ago#2
AFAIK, the co-op multiplayer is exclusive to the consoles. It was in an interview with the devs.
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User Info: AntiSocial

6 years ago#3
The back of the box doesn't have the little icon that indicates it supports 2 players. I know the PS Vita version is single player only so I'd expect the same from this one.
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