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User Info: bazmoe

5 years ago#1
It's been a while since I've played a lego game but I can't find any of the collectibles playing through the story. Smashing everything and searching high and low doesn't help. Am I missing something? .

User Info: EricDent1

5 years ago#2
Many of the collectibles are only obtainable with certain characters.
There's also several in the 2 Hubs in the game.

Look at the Hydra Base & Hammer Drone topics for a link that provides a list of the Character Tokens & Red Bricks & how to get them.

If you get the Red Brick in the South Korea level & buy it & activate it, that shows you the locations of the silver statues, the gold statues, and the crashed ships in the Manhattan hub.

Do note that it's always best to go through the entire story before trying to get the collectibles, cause that gives you a lot more options for characters.
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User Info: bazmoe

5 years ago#3
Awesome thank you

User Info: deathrotter

5 years ago#4

This is for the Vita version but I used it for 3ds and the locations are the same. I'm just having trouble finding a few of the Captain America cards in Manhattan.
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User Info: bazmoe

5 years ago#5
Thank you
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