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User Info: Supernautus

2 years ago#11
This game has been like this since it was originally launched 6 years ago, the reloaded version that reconnected the servers made zero improvement, and the game appears, to me, to have made no improvements since the original ill fated launch, the driving controls are still terrible, the game is still ridiculously slow. I honestly don't believe the improvement will ever come.

They announced the updated PC engine 5 or 6 months ago, and it is still to materialise (even though they have held the rights to this game since the end of 2009). Neverwinter is a free game, it runs pretty nicely and has done on consoles since launch, DCUO is a generally decent free game (although it never started out as a free game) The point is, no, free MMOS do not have to be garbage, nor are they all, but APB has been generally bad since launch, I bought the damn thing when it first released and i'm honestly not seeing anything better 6 years later.

Also, the link supplied doesn't appear to advise that the controls are going to improve, in fact, they seem to be suggesting the controls are fine, even though the driving controls are clearly not right, I run everywhere it's that bad.

If a major update is coming so soon, why not just wait to release it when the game is actually updated, all that releasing it like this does, is make people lose interest, and they will not come back. They've been promising big improvements for years and it has never happened.

User Info: DaBuffalo

2 years ago#12
Honestly...if this is supposedly its BETA state, it shouldn't have been released yet. There's far too much wrong with the game right now to legitimize a release of any kind.

User Info: sassynipples

2 years ago#13
But yet I say say something about it being bad and I get ripped for it.

User Info: sirgreenday

2 years ago#14
CaptainRedeyes posted...
The game is in soft launch and hasn't even had a real announcement its basically a very very bad beta.


Hey fanboy.

This game has been out for YEARS!

Its such a, bad game that it was already canceled once.

The PC version doesn't look much better.

The graphics look like original Xbox graphics.

There's NO excuse to put out a game that looks and plays like this.

If you think that the game will look like a current gen game after a few updates, then you really have drunk the Kool-Aid.

I own every game in the PPG, and this game is by FAR the worst. Its unplayable.

Their first update fixed some issue about friends being blocked.

So, instead of addressing the single digit framerate and the horrible graphics, this is, what they chose to fix.

That proved that they have no intention of fixing the graphics.

These devs are a joke.
GT: Sir Green Day
PSN: sir green day

User Info: sassynipples

2 years ago#15
Ty sirgreenday. At least someone has enough clue and common sense to realize this game is trash and will continue to be that way since they never fixed the PC version of it.

User Info: CaptainRedeyes

2 years ago#16
Dude it's a team made up of like 15 to 20 people. Calm down all I did was make a post telling people it will be better in a few weeks. Also, fanboy? Of what? Gamersfirst? What a cool guy you are. It's a free to play game stop crying
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