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Jachan19 posted...
Aww... I was hoping to play as her because i like her and her red-hair (love red-haired girls).

Alright, thanks, Zeym. I will keep that in my mind, =)
What do you mean by "boosted"?
And yes I have looked that during researching... but I am not very nerd of Borderlands games, so it would take a while for me to get used, so i will prefer to go flow normally while understanding how does it work properly before tackle Lilith DLC there (or after beat main game then Lilith DLC if needed).

Huh? I swore that I did downloaded Lilith DLC last night... and it detected "Not downloaded" regardless... And I checked, it is re-downloading. I had wondered how did that DLC vanished? =(
I want to play with it and bonus start-Lv30 as well as Lilith DLC in future...
How do you guys manage to keep it active and will detect it's "downloaded" instead "not"?

It should automatically be there everytime you boot up the game unless you delete the DLC if you can even do that. Idk after the initial download it stuck for me.
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