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  3. Got this for free on playstation plus earlier. Quick question.

User Info: GodOfDerp

2 months ago#1
I don't have access to borderlands 1 in any form at the moment. Should I be fine just jumping in with 2 right away?

And what about the pre sequel that came with the collection?
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User Info: AsIfByMagic

2 months ago#2
Yeah, there's not much story in 1 so the only thing you're really missing out on (aside from a cool game) is getting to know the returning characters.

The Pre Sequel is mostly set before 2, but it's supposed to be played after.

User Info: Atzenkiller

2 months ago#3
You're really not missing anything by not playing the first game. I've started playing it a while ago and it's such a drag. Everything good about the series started in the sequel. The first game is incredibly boring in comparison. From what I remember it was pretty boring even when I first played it, some time before BL2 came out. And there's not really any story to speak. Marcus recaps it in the intro: vault hunters searched for a vault, opened it, destroyed the big bad vault monster, the end. I hope that didn't spoiler too much.

Play the Pre Sequel after 2.

User Info: celesheim

2 months ago#4
Yeah, there's not much to miss in the first game. Most of the game is just going from place to place doing missions and occasionally getting a piece of the vault key.

The world being mostly desert and brown coloured areas didn't help either because it got dull after a while. it had fun gameplay but it is lacking compared to 2.
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User Info: Zeym

2 months ago#5
While I could just parrot everything mentioned previously, I will say that Borderlands 1 is worth picking up at some point if only because of the great General Knoxx and Robot Revolution dlc adventures. Getting to level 34 could be a bit of a slog depending, but the dlc is worth it in my opinion.
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User Info: ViolentJericho

2 months ago#6
I didn't like the first Borderlands (only played a few hours) but I've got almost four days of playtime in Borderlands 2 since it became free on PS+. Fantastic game. Haven't even finished all the DLC yet or touched The Pre-Sequel yet.The story seems self-contained, maybe there are some callbacks to the first game, not sure, but you'll never be lost as to what's going on.
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  2. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection
  3. Got this for free on playstation plus earlier. Quick question.
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