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  3. Is it necessary to play borderlands 1?

User Info: DevilHands

1 month ago#1
Hi guys, been meaning to give this game a try. Now that its going to be free, pretty excited for this but is it actually necessary to play borderlands 1? Since as far as I know this bundle doesnt include it?
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User Info: Maetch

1 month ago#2
It's not a necessity, since BL2 recaps what little plot the first game had quickly. You might get a better appreciation for some of the callbacks, though.

User Info: AsIfByMagic

1 month ago#3
Yeah, it's better if you've played 1, but the first is very light on story so you'd be up to speed after about two sentences of recap. The main thing you'd miss out on is knowing the returning characters but that's no big deal.

4 people turn up on a planet called Pandora looking for a legendary vault of ancient alien treasure which only opens every few hundred years, they're helped along the way by a mysterious computer-woman called Angel, a crazy scientist called Tannis and a few others. They find the vault at the end but it only contains a giant monster with a big eye and a lot of tentacles... then they kill it; the end.

That's basically it.

User Info: Xanthus179

1 month ago#4
Yeah, it's definitely not required, but if you have the time and money, I would recommend it. It's fun, and the GOTY version had some nice quality of life upgrades.

My biggest warning is that if you decide to play all three games, you might considered breaking them up some so as not to get burnout.
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User Info: Thermador446

1 month ago#5
It has the best character to play as(not just borderlands, of all rpgs), but that's probably about it.
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User Info: Mister_Sister

1 month ago#6
The DLC does have better story than the main game for the most part

User Info: Whitley

1 month ago#7
Borderland story so far video on YouTube could help
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  3. Is it necessary to play borderlands 1?
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