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User Info: Arteriom

1 month ago#1
Was there a patch that made enemies scale with your level in playthroughs 1 and 2 because this s*** is ridiculous now that you can't out level things.

User Info: Jeannie13

1 month ago#2
No? I am overleveled in playthrough 1 actually, had some folks join my game. I had to quit shortly after Flynt, but we hit level 9 and most enemies are 7 or 8.
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User Info: Novekye

1 month ago#3
Some enemies and quests in nvh and tvh do scale a bit but not to the degree in uvhm if i recall correctly. Their scaling is dependant on how far you are in the story rather than your level (usually to the degree of the level of your last completed quest +1-2) so if you are rushing through the story certain areas may become more difficult.