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User Info: Khlover320

1 month ago#1
So got my mechro to 72 but I cant clear digistruck peak for the life of me and I'm really trying to get to op8. Can anyone lend a hand?

User Info: Brackout

1 month ago#2
I can try helping you out. What's your psn?

User Info: DarthDarthius

1 month ago#3
Add me. I can help. PSN is GntWoodenBadger

It's also in my sig.
PSN: GntWoodenBadger

User Info: Egoist

1 month ago#4
If you're struggling to solo OP0 peak, the last thing you'd want is for other people to boost you to OP8, you're not going to have a good time.
(edited 1 month ago)