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User Info: Agent_Ace

1 month ago#11
One character mostly. I started out with this game on PC and reached OP8 with Salvador.

Then I got the Handsome Collection on PS4 and went with Maya. Currently at level 40 with her in NVHM going through the DLCs.

User Info: SonyHoundDawg

1 month ago#12
I’m surprised some of you can play so long without getting bored

User Info: metallicaFTW

1 month ago#13
I usually pick one character and go to 72. I feel like going to OP 8 is boring. I’ve done it before I don’t want to do it again. Your basically just farming for the same gear over and over.
For some reason once I get my character to level 72 I get bored so then I switch to a different character and do it all over again.

User Info: Novekye

4 weeks ago#14
I currently have 7 op8 characters and a dozen or so lower level characters that i play with others on until i can get them to op8. I definitely enjoyed playing as multiple characters, though krieg is far and away my favorite, due to how different they can be with their skillsets.