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User Info: OldSkoola001

1 month ago#1
Do you pick one character and stick with them?

Have multiple characters going at the same time?

Play through the multiple difficulties with the same character?

The game is so long and there are so many sidequests it seems intimidatinf to do multiple play throughs

User Info: lilaznboy77

1 month ago#2
Just doing one playthrough lol

User Info: matthen

1 month ago#3
Working on getting my third character to op8 right now. Games fun. Characters are different enough to make it not too samey every time.
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User Info: Maetch

1 month ago#4
Pick one and build them all the way to max level, then goof around with other characters to get their personal trophies.

User Info: lilaznboy77

1 month ago#5
So what's the endgame for this game like?

First time playing, playing as ZERO.

Are the characters really that different? I'm just seeing one ability difference or is every characters skill tree different?

User Info: BuyersRemorse55

1 month ago#6
I usually stick to one character

After max level if I still wanna play still I’ll stsrt someone new

Usually end gsme is boring to me. I’m not gonna farm for pointless loot and killing s raid boss once is good for me

Journey is more fun

Each character has their own action skill that’s unique to them and they all have different talent tress

I mean the shooting is generally the same of course

User Info: Egoist

1 month ago#7
lilaznboy77 posted...
So what's the endgame for this game like?

First time playing, playing as ZERO.

Are the characters really that different? I'm just seeing one ability difference or is every characters skill tree different?

The very endgame which means you've finished the Peak at OP8 can be terrible or great depending on how you look at it. Enemies have outscaled you to a point where you're now required to know pretty much about everything about the game to survive properly. Barrels have now become the most dangerous things in the game, and finally you wouldn't reach OP8 if you're just f***ing around with your skill tree and gear choices, meaning that a tad bit of min-maxing is required just to get to the very endgame.

Some people love the challenge the endgame brings and some people don't even bother. I'm a melee Zer0 main, and I love and absolutely hate the end game.

Characters, depending on how they're built will be different playstyle wise and gear wise. Zer0's melee tree plays nothing like his sniping tree, both require very specific items, like grenades, gun manufacturers, shields, and most of all your mindset to work optimally. Now, take Zer0's melee playstyle where it revolves around shield management, positioning, and enemy prioritization and compare that to Krieg's melee style where it revolves around action skill timing, cycling between axe throws and melee swings for every kill. Even with technically the same "Melee" playstyle, they still play differently. Same goes for sniping, and general gun usage. What makes them different is how their action skills and skill trees interact with the gear you have.
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User Info: MadDewg

1 month ago#8
On the 360, I had all the characters about level 50 and like, two that was maxed out. With the collection, I just stuck to a single character since I am playing on the PS4 now.
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User Info: DarthDarthius

1 month ago#9
I already have 6 OP8 characters. One of each. At this point i just play around with different loadouts and gear setups and see if anything works better than the others.
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User Info: Jeannie13

1 month ago#10
I get the personal trophies first, in BL2 need Zer0's then I can move to TPS, want to play in story order and Maya is my go to for BL2. Athena fot TPS, so gonna get the other characters first in that too
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