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  3. How Do I Know UHD Textures Applied?

User Info: MadDewg

1 month ago#11
GigaGaia posted...
Does the 4K patch make a massive difference? I might replay it if the difference is that big.

It does for me. The game is so purty now, lol.
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User Info: Zaschie

1 month ago#12
The textures are not optional once you install the texture pack. Also, the patch that added HDR did not add a toggle for it.
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User Info: ukokira1

1 month ago#13
Mine downloaded and then... never installed.

And I think it deleted itself.

User Info: wiseguy100

1 month ago#14
I downloaded the texture pack, it said installed. When highlighting it under the game’s tab in the dashboard, it still nas the little downward arrow to download. So I clicked it and the 15gb started redownloading. Left it, restarted game once downloaded and installed. Sure enough, the downward download arrow is back next to the texture pack!

This doesn’t happen with any other downloads on PS4. What gives?
After my download went I could highlight and pick install and nothing would happen

Restated ps4 and it installed just fine

Don’t except mindblwong difference, especially if you haven’t played In a while.

But just look around at the textures, there all so sharp and crisp.

But it’s also a cartoony graphics and they age much better then realistic graphics, this game looked great on my pro and 4k tv even before this.
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User Info: D_FENS3

1 month ago#16
Updated B:THC on my Xbox One X. It was like 15 GB for BL:2 and around 7 for The Prequel. Then booted up the game. It looks great ! But, noticed the additional DLC in the menu. Clicked on them both and they're for 4K enhanced textures. 7 gigs on two seperate downloads. My data cap is preventing me from downloading those. My question is what was the initial 15 GB update for ? Game looks enhanced.
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User Info: Zaschie

1 month ago#17
D_FENS3 posted...
My question is what was the initial ... update for ?

The patch added HDR and support for the texture pack. I don't know why it is so big for you. Patch was under 2GB on PS4. Maybe XBO automatically downloaded the texture pack too.
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