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User Info: thedoctor2014

2 months ago#1
Is this good thinking of getting this is it good

User Info: BarneyBosco

2 months ago#2
thedoctor2014 posted...
Is this good thinking of getting this is it good

Worth playing for IMO the best villain in a video game ever. Now for some criticism.

Enemy spawn in set locations, can be lame and annoying.

Shots will sometimes go through enemies if they are to close. Shooting some smaller enemies up close sucks in general as your pointing at the ground going in circles like an idiot. The VR version fixes this but bullets will still go through enemies.

The humor is excellent to f***ing awful, but mostly its just not good. Its not even fart jokes, its worst than that, like the jokes were written by kid. The characters are the same, just annoying and stupid.

The missions are nothing special to awful. In one dlc mission you drive in a circle, let that sink in, funny right? I'm trying to think of badass mission and I can't think of one besides in the dlc and maybe the bloodhawk. They are just there to go kill stuff and tell bad jokes.

Still, for the price, its worth it. The pre sequel was decent too. Plus the dungeons and dragons dlc was fun.
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User Info: eighthdayregret

2 months ago#3
Both games are awesome. Well worth the money, especially considering you can grab a physical copy for like $20 at Walmart.
Most of the criticism listed above is a matter of taste. Personally, I really enjoy the humor, and the missions are... missions. Some are fun, some not so much, as happens with a game where there are 100+ missions to play through.
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