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User Info: WaveGod209

4 years ago#1
Just bought this digitally and Its pre loading. Feel free to add me on PSN, it's my signature if anyone with a mic wants to play. I enjoyed Borderlands one but never really got into borderlands 2 or even played the pre sequel, so I'm looking forward to playing this.
XBL GamerTag - Redrenegade209
PSN Tag - Redrenegade209

User Info: Sharebear420

4 years ago#2
Sharebear420 add me, I welcome new comers and vets. I'll be playing kreig as he's the only one I haven't tried yet

User Info: Breakfast450

4 years ago#3
Add me Breakfast450 played tons of BL2 so I can help you out and such.

User Info: St3veDave

4 years ago#4
Add me up. Played a bunch of BL2 on 360. Little rusty. Never played TPS but looking forward to both on PS4.

PSN El_Tooterino
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