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  3. did they ever buff the legendary drop rate in BL2?

User Info: Mtpgamer

4 years ago#1
i wonder if it will still be super low in this.....not complaining but it WAS really low

User Info: Tec187

4 years ago#2
Drop rate was fine in UVHM. if you never played that, then yes it is improved - otherwise no.
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User Info: darkshadowmaster

4 years ago#3
super low was an understatement.

I remember farming the Warrior with the glitch off & on for a couple hours a day and he didn't drop 1. It got to the point where I would have been content if it dropped one & placed it under him where I couldn't get it because at least then I could actually see he dropped one.
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User Info: WFO66

4 years ago#4
I remember certain enemies being really low. I farmed Hunter Helmquist(think that was his name) many many times and never got a bee shield to drop. I ended up getting several bee shields to drop in Tiny Tina's dlc from treants.

I started organizing my saves recently in preparation for the new release, and ran through some areas. Fought the warrior and he dropped a conference call after the first kill, found a butcher and a couple legendary class mods from tubbies and loot midgets in arid nexus badlands. Fought Saturn about 50 times(was leveling a splitscreen character), didn't get a single drop from him.

Point is, sometimes you can get on a good luck streak. Other times nothing.

Looking forward to playing through all the content again though. Good times.

User Info: BigLongDowner

4 years ago#5
My very first run, with Zero on 360, I got a lvl 32 Bee Shield from that Hunter dude. Talk about luck!
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  3. did they ever buff the legendary drop rate in BL2?
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