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User Info: DoctorKoolMan

4 years ago#1
my girlfriend never had a ps3, but we have played lots of bl2 on steam

in theory, should I be able to take her mac file, turn it into a ps3 one (i know you gotta do all that encrypting crap with bruteforce btw), create a new profile on my ps3 with her ps4 info, and upload the save that way? and still be able to upload one for myself on my profile (they said one at a time, Im assuming that is PSN ID specific)

or will this not work since I am just now making a profile for her psn on my ps3? or is her file being a mac one gonna screw it up (Gibbed only has save formats for ps3/360/pc) or does a mac file count as a PC one in this instance?

thanks for any help!
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User Info: Tsuruke

4 years ago#2
Don't expect to get much help here since such talk is against Sony's and Microsoft's EULA to use 3rd party programs -- thus warrants a moderation on here.

You won't have much luck on the Gearbox forums either for that very reason, you best bet is to Google.
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User Info: Tesal

4 years ago#3
if it works fine on PS3 ? loading 'n saving !! then u can try 'n upload it to PSN as soon as the patch is up

then download the ps3 file via PSN to PS4 then see if it works

kinda will work - but make sure that there is noooo modding or cheating :)
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  3. In theory, should this work...
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