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  3. Ready for the grind again, looking for friends.

User Info: St3veDave

4 years ago#11
Same boat...switched from 360 so I have no saves.

Feel free to add me PSN El_Tooterino

User Info: goldfist16

4 years ago#12
add me
i came from ps3 so im very familiar with the mechanics

User Info: aNiceLay

4 years ago#13
sig psn, ive beat em both so im mad hyped
PSN: dkgbeast
Former Head Priest of the former Church of Won

User Info: areSANTOS

4 years ago#14
Will be adding all of you guys. Add me as well Psn on my sig
GT- areSANTOS. PSN-Richee_r1ch

User Info: Tsuruke

4 years ago#15
Though I'm not one to trade in my games, I pre-ordered it digitally so it's certainly not going anywhere. Always looking for more people to co-op with in Borderlands.

PSN: Tsuruke
All your tear are belong to us

User Info: AROD12

4 years ago#16
PSN is DBroncs25

I'm new to the series
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User Info: Testakill03

4 years ago#17
Super excited for this collection. Sold bl2 and my 360 when ps4 launched, so I never got to play the pre-sequel. I'm gonna start on the pre-sequel first. Don't know who I'm going to start with. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. But when I get to bl2 I'm going to play as the psychopath since I never did. Psn gt is in the sig. Add me if anyone interested I plan on playing a ton
Snootchy Bootchies
Ps4. PSN Capt_Dabs710

User Info: NextGenNewtype

4 years ago#18
Psn in my sig

Ps playin claptrap
PSN NextGenNewtype
3DS Friend Code: 4682 - 8718 - 8576

User Info: cmonbam

4 years ago#19
psn bigcj23

playing PS first since I never played it before. character will be wilhelm any and all feel free to add me
life is a game.you lose when you die

User Info: zado19

4 years ago#20
hey guys, i played on my cousins system for Borderlands before but im the one buy this time so anyone who want to play from scratch feel free to add me (anyone else can add me too of course lol)

PSN: zado19
i should be able to get plus as soon as the game comes out
PSN: zado19
NNID: CommanderMadness
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  3. Ready for the grind again, looking for friends.
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